April 20, 2012

The Start of a New Beginning

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 You may look at this photo with torn feelings, maybe, "They all look so different." "What is wrong with her outfit." "Are they serious?"  Even more-so, "What is up with that bird?!" Or maybe a joyful look towards the reveal of our 'family' photo and its graphics. No matter what you feel, just know so much is coming to the table.

With the blessing from Noelle and the guidance we soaked up from Noelle & Isabella's print onto MDM, we redesigned and refreshed it to thrive again in the blogging community. 

Though we over-shot the opening date by a long shot due to so miscommunication, people (including myself) losing the desire to make improvements, and failure to find a graphic specialist who we could put up with as well as if they could actually deal with us, but finally, we got there, the reason waited for ALL the dolls to be finished is because we wanted to arrive as a family, together. And though we are all so different in our style, personalities, and even our looks, we share one goal, to entertain and show our views, discussions, dramas, and whatever else we damn well please to have a ball writing for you guys.

Now, I, myself, can tell you it such a roller coaster of hair pulling work to get to this point, and its worth it. From the start when decided to pull in some new talent to write, people who I barely knew but saw them write amazing work which I hope to see here, and they end up being my new best friends as well as the current staff of MDM, and no, its not because of friendships they are here, they are here because they are smart, witty, and have a huge imagination as well as an intriguing personality that shown to us which granted them a spot here even before I knew them as personally as I do now.

And for those who are down in the dumps if they couldn't write, don't be sad! We are planning to add more additions to our collection in the near future! But first we wanted to find a little fresh meat before we load up MDM right after just renewed it, if that makes since.

- - - 

Now be expecting brand new posts, ideas, and much more starting this Monday! 

I am a bit busy this weekend, and like Aislin said before, she got married last Friday and is still a honey-mooner, so the blog will be on hiatus still until then.

Have a lovely weekend!

Love, Dei


  1. Congratulations on the new family, guys. :) Gosh, I miss blogging w/ MDM, but i'm really happy for y'all.

  2. Should we understand that Noelle won't post anymore? and now she and Isa are just founders?

  3. Lovely! I'm excited to see MDM put into action.

  4. why does aislin look hindu

  5. Hate to be a grammer nazi but,
    Beginning* ;)

  6. Noelle will have a medoll but I am hiring someone else to make hers a specific way and they had yet to start. But since all of the main writers are completed (Noelle is just a here and there writer since she is so busy) I want to allow all the others to write already.

    And who ever said Audrey was a writer?

  7. Lovely indeed. I was wondering why the medolls look strange. Its because they have no necks. yum luvz da graphtit n e wai

  8. i just love it! :D

    it was quite worth the wait. I just love gladis' graphic :3

  9. I really love how different we all look! It shows how unique and diverse we are. It's great to have Noelle and Isabella in a frame like ancestors :) lol

  10. I really like that all of you look different in this graphic, I mean like people are different, they have different personalities, interests and this is well-expressed in the writer graphics. :)

  11. Dei, Aislin, I truly believe that you worked your asses off to achieve such a beautiful layout.

    But this blog is NOTHING like it used to be before Noelle decided to leave. (Quite frankly, Isabella only posted once every 5 months.) MDM used to be... a blog that is unique. Different. Now, its just like all blogs. There is NOTHING unique about it.
    I hope I change my mind once the writers start posting. But as of now, as I said, nothing is unique but its still gorgeous. Its just missing its spark. Uniqueness. However, I do appreciate your hard work.


  12. Woo! I'm so excited. I love every single one of the writers you chose and I am so looking forward to the new MDM! The family photo was so cute.


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?