April 11, 2012

Blog Layout Update

Hey, this is just a quick post from me to anyone who had problems with the width of the blog before.

And for those who didn't have that problem, the blog was too wide for the background we had in place for people whose resolution size or browser didn't fit that, so what I did was made the blog smaller, that way it should fit just about any screen (other than phone/tablet screens).

Whether or not you had this issue please in the comments tell me how the blogs size, the layout, and any other issues you may or may not have with it, and please tell me if it fits your screen.

Thank you, love Dei.

Edit: Also, if the problem is not fixed or now a problem for more people, then I am going to put it back to its original size, so sorry to those who says its off, but it may be your browser like I said before.


  1. The shrinking of MDM reminds me of the shrunken heads.

  2. Hmm, I think it has to do with the background, it repeats it self, in the middle of the blog, there is a line where the end of the background ends and then repeats itself again...

  3. @LoveGossip4life - Thats called tiling.

  4. I swear LoveGossip4Life is a freaking idiot :/

  5. @anonymous: Aw, why thank you ;) Love you too!

    @Dei: Yes, I'm aware that is tiling.

  6. It's 10x better now. Thanks Dei. (:

  7. Shut up Dei and anonymous; Lindsey was only saying.


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