May 16, 2012

For Or Against: Parental Controls

Sorry for not posting recently, I've been preoccupied! But I am back with another 'For Or Against!'

The topic being, parental controls for teens and children for television, cellular, internet, and for other real life instances.

- - - 

Basically from my expierence, parental controls are made to block out or ban/limit things for children that parents don't want to allow them to do.

Here is a more complex description from Wikipedia:

To minimize the paragraph, it basically says either parents can limit the time you use something, the amount you can do on something, limit the amount of mature content you see, or just for watching everything you do.

Though at first when I was younger my father who has raised me by himself for most of my life had restrictions on my laptop when I was 11, I knew how to get on the adminstrative account and edit it so I could download and change anything I wanted without having to run to him to ask for permission.

And another instance from my younger years, maybe about 12 year old me, my friend introduced me to online chat rooms, where she would talk to all of these people daily and made it like it was the coolest thing ever, so I decided to try it on my laptop at home. Eventually (and sadly) I got hooked as well to chatting it up with people who only went by a easily  username, one where they could change their age and gender easily as well. But one day my dad came to me showing me previous conversations I've had with people (that shows a few swear words here and there).

You could just imagine the face I made, my eyes the shapes of dinner plates, and at first when he asked me was it me, I lied, but then I owned up to it and apoligized.

He told me that it was very unsafe to talk to strangers and how some grubby pervert could be trying to take me from my bed! And basically I was terrified to speak to people for a while after that. Scared everyone just wanted to hurt me.

- - - 

Though my experience of parental monitoring was comical and was harmless, some may not be so.

One main reason why parent's want to view what their kids do is because they don't want them getting into things that are terrible.

Things such as:

- Being Hacked (Internet)
The last thing your parent or guardians want is for their information to be stolen because you went on a website, opened an email, or clicked on a link that lead you into an e-trap.

- Violent Movies/Shows (Television)
Even though its common for parents to allow their young ones access to brutal or aggressive movies and tv show, its better to not give children the idea that that type of behavior is right.

- Sex/Sexual Language (Internet/Television/Cell Phones)
Though most parents avoid the sex talk at all costs, that doesn't mean they want you to look up things about sex, like porn. Nor would they favor you to talk about it, but most kids now-a-days do it anyway.

- Bullying (Internet/Cell Phones)
Not many parents understand e-bullies, but I am sure they don't want you be picked on everyday. This is why most websites make it so you can't talk to people or use the site if you aren't at least 13+.

- Perverts/Rapists (Internet/Cell Phones)
Obviously your folks do not want you getting dirty or too friendly with creepy older men and women, no matter how nice they are.

- Swearing (All of the above.)
Now I bet this is for everyone, 9 out of 10 times, adults do not favor when children or teens use excessive curse words, though they do it anyway via Facebook, cellphone, etc. And other times they don't want you to listen to swearing as well, but its clear most do anyway.

- - -

Though it limits the child's ability to do certain things, its to prevent things either the parent doesn't favor/doesn't want to have happen or to stop you from digging into things they think you shouldn't look into. Many on the things we do (or in my case did since I am legal) can be very dangerous!

Even with these restrictions limit some things, minors tend to flock to not doing as told on either electronical products listed above.

But is that okay for kids to be able to do whatever they like via internet, television, and cellphones? Or is it just plain wrong?

Are you FOR or AGAINST parents allowing and disallowing their children full freedom over digital devices?

Tell me why in the comments!

Love, Dei


  1. Yayy, so glad it's back >:)

    I'm for parental controls - until the child/teen shows enough maturity. Because I believe that once you get older you need some amount of trust and privacy.

    I have never personally had any parental controls, other than not being able to download anything online without my mum's permission. Until I was about 13 (Using the internet since I was 11). Cause I figured out the password and changed my account to admin lol. The main reason I think kids need parental controls is because you do come across stuff that you may not need to know at that age. It'll come up on pretty much any site, I remember finding out what certain words (sex related) meant in stardoll clubs lol. So yeah I am for it but in moderation (:

  2. Wow, love the post.

    I think kids under 13 should have blocks on mature content filled websites because if they accidentally click on something and it turns out to be like a sex tape they're gonna be scarred for life. And like Ciara said ^^ you do need a little trust from your parents and privacy when your older.

    My dad used this programme that blocked mature content filled websites and it started out good, but then it started blocking unnecessary sites so my dad got rid of it and told me to use the internet wisely. One thing he did that he shouldn't have was install this 'tracking' thing that shows him what websites i've been on which didn't give me any privacy.

    Sorry for the spelling errors, i'm typing this pretty fast.

  3. Great post, I was excited to see a topic like this.
    Its hard to opinionate this subject of matter, but I believe parental control is needed for their child to be wise as they live out their life. Maybe its because I have a pretty honest relationship with my parents, and I've seen what the internet is full of. The computer I'm using is fairly new because the last PC my family had received multiple virus' from me being not safe about what I was searching up on the internet.
    While its a bit so hard to be watched your moves by your parents, they are there to protect you, and make sure you make the right choices while using various electronics and beyond.
    So, I'd say I'm "for" parental monitoring, but not to the extent that they know exactly when, where, and why you are on the internet. Its still invading privacy, and the majority of the time, we aren't looking up inappropriate things, etc.

  4. Definitely against :) It is a good idea for younger kids, but I am sensible on the internet - I have never used a chatroom, I have secure passwords, I don't like making online friendships, and I never swear, even when typing :D So for some people, this really isn't necessary :)

    lovinjudas xxx

  5. I think that if you teach your kids from a young age about Internet safety, you won't have a problem. I feel like most parents only put these programs on because they don't trust the world around their child. Eventually, that child is going to be thrown out into that world. It would be better for a child's emotional health and well-being to not be overexposed to, but to be aware of, the certain dangers of the world and the over-sexed media and general population. Kids will be kids, and if you don't tell them about it, they'll go looking for the answers elsewhere (mostly from friends and peers) and get the wrong impression of things such as sex, drugs, alcohol, porn, and perverts online. I think that parents need to open their eyes and realize that they need to parent in a different way than they were parented. Talking about these things may be awkward since it's likely their parents never really did, but they need to have these conversations to foster into their children what they themselves have learned about these certain topics. If they don't, them someone else will, because almost nothing is too taboo to talk about in this day in age.

    I'm for some parental controls just to block the raunchy films online until you have conversations about what sex is and how what you see online is nothing like the real thing when it's in a loving, committed relationship. Those parental controls are there to keep your child's innocence intact for a while longer, not to avoid the conversations. That's just my opinion on it. And what they do online when they're getting closer to 18 is one of those things that I would just close my eyes to. If that's something that'll keep them from having children, then I say by all means, even though it's not something I support.

  6. where the FUCK is the last writer?

  7. I am totally for it, as long as it isn't too protective.
    I am still only fourteen but I'm very mature (or I like to think that im lol!) But my parents were never too crazy. I remember having a disktop in my living room (I think i was around... 7?) but I never used it, I didn't even bother. It seemed too boring for me && I didnt even know how to use it (except what I learned from IT lessons at school.) Until 2 years later, my aunt told me & my mom about these dressup websites. I was SO excited to try them out because I love playing dress up! My mom showed me a bunch of safe websites that have tonsss of dressup games. (Then 1 year later I found a SD ad and started playing it.) Point is, my parents weren't over protective, I had a very clean mind (not anymore, lol) but I wasn't a naive kid, I knew what I should and what I shouldn't do. I would TOTALLY understand why parents would want to know what their kids are doing on the internet. I mean, imagine if YOU were a parent? But the thing is, school WAYYY more dangerous than the internet, tbh. So, as long as you give your child privacy but still safety you should be fine. After 13, it is completely fine.

  8. I'm not for or against it. I don't think a parent is wrong for doing either. But what they really should do is TALK to their children about things such as the potential harms and dangers of the internet, so as to make the child aware and understand why they aren't allowed to do this or that.
    It's no good making a child feel "imprisoned" without an explanation. This is the cause of rebelliousness.

  9. i'm so favor to parental crontrol, when i was 9 i got my first cell phone but imean i was 9 now i'm 14, and you guys want to know why at this age i can't have another cell phone? well was beacuse i pervert who i thoght was my friend on a game site i give my cell number, and at start he was nice and all becuse he suposed to be 10, but than he start to send me porn links and really bad messages he ask me for my adress and all it was a very disturbing, and i never said a word beacuse i was afraid and embarassed until my mom found one message on my cell, so now i understand the damger of free use on everything so now my parents are very protective, so i'm on favor of this and girls be carefull, sorry i can't give my username since i'm quite known on SD, thats how i found SD after that ugly episode and i learn how to not trust in nobody behind a screen.

  10. Neither of those things. I think parents should have balance among controlling us and not controlling us. Yes there are unsafe sites but if you are smart enough you will not visit that sites nor chat with strangers. Personally I never give my personnel information to strangers no meter how good and nice they sound. I rely on the advise that my mother gave me once and whenever I am chating with someone I think twice before I write something. If you are being controlled too much you might loose your friends but if not you may become something you did not want to be. So I think our parents should balance those two things.

  11. I totally agree with MissMicaGolden!!!!

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