May 10, 2012

StarDesign Hair - One of the Many New Additions.

Just today Stardoll introduced to us, the newest addition to the StarDesign feature - StarDesign hair! Although it may be slightly difficult to undertand at firts, I actually was very happy with it once I got the hang of it. Relatively to StarDesign Fashion, it is extremely easy to use! I personally love it and will definitely be using it often.
I'm sure you all already read about this somewhere, so I won't bother boring you with a long post about virtual hair. My main purpose for making this post was to bring up a discussion: Is Stardoll limiting our creativity? It seems as though back when Stardoll had less features, users were actually more creative. I remember before Stardoll introduced the toilet to the suite shop, people would make toilets out of eggs, which were sold in the suite shop previously. What do you think will happen to those who created wigs using StarDesign Jewelry? I'm not necessarily trying to say that Stardoll become more modernized and giving us options is a bad thing, but Stardoll has really become very different ever since the 2010 makeover.


  1. I think you may be right about the creativity thing. I mean, I remember that when I used to be Non-ss, I was a lot more creative and inspired to use items that were for starcoins, but now you can just buy items in stardollars too by earning them. It's like less is more ;3

  2. Do you have a picture of that toilet thing? Sounds interesting. :D

    (: I don't have any photos of the it because I guess people ditched them for the real thing, haha.

  4. one do we get strands of hair BEHIND the head? cuz otherwise its impossible to make a good hairstyle.

  5. @Tapstar321: it's the button in the bottom left corner :)

  6. Mhmm ..
    Maybe. However, I have been a member sincce 2007 and I think that back then Stardoll WAS a lot more limited.
    Intetior wise, beauty wise and fashion wise. That is what made people more creative. They did not have much to work with therfor they just put up with whatever they had.
    But I still like the new change. I prefer the old Stardoll theme (2009 was my favorite!) But people complain a lot. They beg Stardoll for change and a bigger variety of settings, clothes, hair and makeup and when they get it, they complain about how it isn't creative anymore. I think if someone really is creative, it will shine through their suite/medoll. :) Long comment but I just thought this topic was interesting. Lovely post!


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