May 02, 2012

Review: PBE Magazine

While chatting with a few friends over Skype, somebody sent a link that really caught my eye. The link  led to none other than PBE magazine. I must say, I think the standards for Stardoll user made magazines have gone down since Style Magazine's last issue. PBE Magazine was a ray of light in a dark tunnel for me! It really brought me back to the days when Style was around. 
Although this magazine is in Russian only, I think the graphics are still worth taking a look at! I absolutely loved some of them, especially the models featured throughout the pages...
"Street fashion in Great Britain is individuality, not an attempt at throwing on all the current trends. Relaxedness, yet still restraint, which the British are taught early in childhood."
I'm aware that their audience is limited to the Russian speakers, so I have to say, the articles in this magazine are outstanding! This issue is also rather long, which is a big plus for me. I never liked the fact that most magazines were only 15 or sometimes less pages.
Lady Gaga sure was right... Mint is in this spring! One of my pet peeves with Stardoll magazines has always been the way most people cropped and cut out individual clothing pieces and object. I would constantly see rough edges and pointy corners... While in PBE magazine, everything looks smooth and harmonious!

As you might have guessed, I am highly impressed with this issue and I can't wait for the next! I was actually really surprised to see how little attention this magazine got so far, though they already released 7 issues. You can check out the blog for yourself:

So what are your opinions?
Do you agree? Disagree?


  1. I also just know this magazine since last week! Yet, it's a very good one, I mean I really enjoy their editorials because of the really good graphics. Most of all, the clothes are really good and it shows streets style that I really enjoy. :)

  2. With 8 production, we will translate the magazine into English. We can not read many countries because of the language. Soon all will change! Thank you for your kind feedback :)

  3. I agree, this magazine is probably my favorite magazine of the year! The graphics were stunning and so was the style.

  4. PBE Magazine caught my eye with their third issue and I've been trying to translate their issues, but it takes forever. It's a very original magazine and I'm looking forward to the next issue.

  5. I have to say, when you first were announced as a writer I was very disappointed. You were involved in minor scandals and never seamed like someone who cared about anyone but herself... Now reading your posts I just wanted to let you know that I totally changed my mind. You seem like a genuinely nice person, and your posts are interesting and fun to read. You don't bore me and unlike the old writers, you and Gladis are the only ones posting.


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?