June 29, 2012

How the Mighty Have Fallen


What was only two years ago seems like an eon past when I look back and reflect on my journey on Stardoll. When I joined in November 2009, I never expected to become part of something so much larger than just myself, this blogging world. I discovered the Stardoll blogging world around August 2010, opening up my own blog (which even I forget the name of, it's long gone now), and searching for a job on a more well recognized blog.

But enough about me. Today, I want to take the day and re-visit the mighty blogs of Stardoll's past. Of these giants, only a few actually remain to carry on the legacy, so let's talk about the earliest blogs that still exist today.

Early Era Media Giants In Existence 


This blog, Memoires of a Medoll, is perhaps the most outstanding, lasting legacy of Stardoll. Founded in July 2008 (happy almost 4th birthday, MDM!) by two of Stardoll's most celebrated members Noelle (Noelle_Page) and Isabella (Isabella.Arci), it is one of the largest, most powerful and popular blogs still in existence on Stardoll.

Underneath Stardoll (underneathstardoll.net) is also one of the most celebrated blogs in the history of Stardoll, however, caters to a crowd that is a bit different than MDM. With nearly 8,000 followers as of present day, Underneath Stardoll posts offers of free items, codes, and Stardoll regalia that is easy to use and also to find. Underneath Stardoll is founded by the leading ladies M_Themis, Mirka_17, and Superoh.


Giants in Extinction


Here are the most notable blogs, that, even after closing, are still remembered in our minds for the catfights, drama, and just plain aristocratic arrogance and crazy parties that are known in early Stardoll. Those were the days! Let's revisit some of the most notable:

Ah, PSG, the very notorious name of Stardoll catfights and drama. All I can say is that I'm very sad this blog is gone. PSG was actually the first Stardoll blog I discovered and followed with avid interest. The closing of this blog has marked the end of a long Stardoll era. Stardoll will absolutely never be the same.

Stardoll's Most Wanted (hotbuysbazaar.blogspot.com) was one of the largest blogs in existence on Stardoll, founded by Jenna (EmoRox4Eva). Although not exactly the same as Underneath Stardoll, it still has one of the largest followings. The reason I put SMW in the list of "Giants in Extinction" is that the writers never seem to post anymore, which truly is disappointing, and it seems the original group of writers have given up on the blog.

Did you read one of these blogs? What was your favorite? Comment!


  1. Great post! My favorite blog has always been MDM although USD was the very first blog I discovered. I feel like USD is going downhill, though. The layout is horrible and the background is atrocious. The blog I still wish was around is PSG. :(

  2. USD was the first blog I discovered, but it's becoming really bad now. I hate the layout now, so hard to navigate! D; But I still read it, because they post the freebies so quick!♥

  3. lol psg dat was a gud blog

  4. It really is a whole different stardoll right now. It's just not as exciting as it used to be.

    Siera, I LOVEEE your writing! I hope you become an official writer on MDM!


  5. How do you do it, Sierra? You're writing is spick speck perfect and you never miss a beat! You're posts are always finely tuned and interesting. You're my favorite writer on MDM! Amazing!


    xo Maggie hehe

  6. Oh, man. PSG was the first for me, and I found it back around when Brittany Murphy died (2009, maybe? They posted "Molly Smiles" on the blog). I remember being completely blown away by the whole underground thing that people had created. Hell, I'm still blown away by it. Stardoll has managed to teach a ton of people how to use Photoshop, write for a blog, and so many other things without even knowing it.
    It's really too bad about PSG, but what can you do? There's a time for everything, I guess.

  7. I know all of these blogs, and have fallowed each of them. I was a huge fan of Stardolls Most wanted, and that was my favorite blog. But in 2011 i left stardoll because of real life and just now i came back. So i didnt see how SMW ,,died'' if i can use that word in this situation. When i last time visited the blog i was sad. really sad. USD now is one of my favorite blogs and i hope it wont end the same way like SMW ended. And MDM is my second favorite blog now.
    Its just really sad to watch how awesome blogs ,,die''.

    Great post♥reminded me about old times on stardoll..

  8. You know, I love PSG so much! It is - well, was the BEST, and most original blog outthere.
    I used to go there all the time and look through really old posts.

    Fuck you Jack. FUCK YOU.

    Btw you forgot 'It's Stardoll Gossip, Bitch!' (:



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