June 27, 2012

Review: Forever Chic Magazine

After a year off, Forever Chic editor-at-large Nicole Jones (Tapstar321) has released a new issue of the magazine, and it seems a year was worth waiting as the magazine happens to be brilliant. The models are long-limbed and absolutely stunning, wearing fashion forward and thought provocative outfits.

Click on the magazine cover to visit Forever Chic Magazine.

So, as this post happens to be a review of the magazine (comment if you think I should do more reviews, by the way), I've created a rubric for my own reviews from now on.

Graphic Design: 8.5/10 These are some of the best graphics I have seen in a long while, although I can't exactly say they are the most brilliant I've ever witnessed on Stardoll. Keep up the good work!

Fashion Editorial: 5.5/10 The editorial is rather creative, as there are not just body shots but close-ups of models, and the poses are complex and intriguing, however there is no allusion as to what the models are actually wearing. I don't quite understand it, as it jumps from Elite-Girl wearing a high end piece of lingerie to JuciiMami827 wearing a baseball jacket in the next shot. There's no fluidity.
Creativity: 10/10 The Color Play and Hair Play editorials are especially daring, kudos to the Forever Chic team! I especially love the "Brow Pop," honestly I've never thought of eyebrows that way. I've never even seen this idea in any real life fashion magazine, props to you trendsetters!

Trends Shown: 9/10 The trends shown in this magazine are very on-track, such as the Ombre Hair and Back In Time: 60's. I would wear the ideas/items displayed in both of the articles, and I was especially impressed with the graphics in this article (which actually gave a huge boost in the graphic design score). However, the reason this wasn't a 10 on the scale was I didn't quite understand the silver article as there is no evidence in the idea silver is coming back in style. Who is to say it never went out of style?

Writing Style: 6/10 Honestly, I can't even say that there is much writing going on here. In the fashion editorial, there is no writing, and the authors of this magazine don't have much writing (besides the interview, I liked that). For example, there isn't enough meat in the silver article, and when the author writes "many designers," well, that's a logical fallacy, isn't it? There is simply no evidence provided that is finite enough to prove it to the reader. Perhaps, this sentence would better fit? "Silver is coming back, as shown in the collections of Prabal Gurung, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Alexander Wang." However, I liked in the ombre article, there are designers listed and also a mention to a store on Stardoll where they can be purchased.

How did this magazine score?

39 out of 50 total points, at 78% or C+

My Final Comments: Bravo Forever Chic! In this rubric, I was especially grueling and judged your magazine more harshly than any critic probably has before. A 78% is a great grade, as I was prepared to scrape through your magazine for every single detail missed. Your magazine scored on par, and was beautifully done. Please continue to release the magazines as I am a fan of yours! 

What did you guys think? Should I do more reviews, and on who/or what?  



  1. This is a good review! I loved reading it! I think you were kind of harsh, like Simon Cowell, but the magazine will get better thanks to your critique. They will learn what to improve on and that's important.

    I would love to read another review! Maybe for your next review you could do Femme Magazine? That'd be super cool.

  2. You should make more magazine reviews! I loved reading this one~~

  3. Yeah, I like this reviews! It's a great column and it's always nice to be aware about new issues or fashion lines released! :)

  4. I loved this review. Please do more! I like that it was harsh and like another commenter said, reminiscent of Simon Cowell. If you weren't harsh, no one would be able to improve. (Also if you're too "soft" it gets boring. I stopped watching American Idol after Simon left.)

  5. I fricken hated the cover of FCM.

    Compaired to the rest of the magazine, it looks reeeeeeeeeeeeeeallly bad.

    I wish you would include more photos of the magazine in the post though, I don't think the cover did justice for your 8.5/10 rating.

    And you should show which images you liked and disliked the most (for your next review) :D

  6. foreverchic sucked ASS! the other issues were far better. Should have been called foreverdick.

  7. Thanks for the comments everybody! And, Dei, you are absolutely right! :)

  8. I have to agree with Dei, the cover is HORRIBLE. The bikini top looks waaaayy too small for the model o_______o In general, I hated the issue. The graphics generally had really squashed faces and the writing seemed really hurried >.>

  9. @Everyone: Thank you for the critique! I'll definitely keep it in consideration for next time. I agree, looking back the only thing that's good about the cover is the body shading and the hair and it just looks plain and boring, I'll definitely make it bold next time :D And thanks for the review, Sierra!

  10. loved the post! do more reviews :)


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