June 17, 2012

The proof isn't in the pudding

"I just want to live a normal life" is a common phrase passed down by many people. Whether it is on TV, or in real life facing friends. The problem is, what is normal? I've always wanted to present that question with an answer, and never seemed to hit a home run. I still ponder if  a norm is even existent. Can a person simply vanish from their own persona and elude themselves for the average society?

Everyone has their own mindset on what normal is, each brain functions differently. With the same methods, just in different directions. I see normal as living a healthy wholesome life with all the basic necessities. A strong personality, and a clear thought process also fit my criteria. Over that, some people may disagree with what I preach, because everyone sees it in a variant way. To morph it into an example, the definition of being normal is similar to looking in a mirror.  What you see is what you get, what you see is different for each person, and what you see can only be self understood.

Sometimes, though, normal can come across a group of people. Where everyone who thinks or presents themselves outside of that circle is seen as an outcast. Being smeared with that title is a common no-no in our community. How to prevent it? Reach for the ordinary. Be a reflection of everyone else. Drown in a mainstream (okay that was an unintended pun). These are the solutions to fitting in. However, you shouldn't lead yourself to this.

DON'T hide under the crowd, DO express yourself. Diversity is what makes the world go round. No one is normal, because there isn't a checklist. It is just a propaganda passed down generation to generation on how you are expected to live your life in an accepted manner. Since it keeps evolving each time, normal doesn't have a single standing point. For that matter, you might read a definition of the word but keep in mind it shouldn't be followed. There would be no springing of interest if we all were the same, all living a standard vie. You don't need to part yourself from the general public, but you don't need to mask your complexion with others. Let yourself out there and project your true self.

A popular demand has been the hipster lifestyle, people who eject themselves from regular-ism. Although, there has been so many, even the method itself, has made some people a tad bit alike. Remember, being different is much better then being normal. If you have it, flaunt it. Sticking out isn't always adored, but it isn't illegal nonetheless.

The proof isn't always in the pudding.


  1. Im hipster :c But i stick out from hipsters, lol im a unique-ster?

  2. This post is one of the best-written articles I've read for a while. I like your use of well-spaced paragraphs and adequately constructed sentences. You made your point professionally, without sounding like a Victorian, but not making the mistake of trying to be too much the informal, Jokey Joe.
    However, one piece of constructive criticism; the topic of this post is good, but I daresay a little predictable and cheesy, perhaps? I would love to see you discuss something more original and out-of-the-box because I expect you'd do it very well!


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