June 16, 2012

Violent Beauty

I was not actually planning to publish a post so soon after my last one, but a new fashion editorial has caught my eye. As a society, we are fans of bold, "in-your-face" art (Jackson Pollock, anyone?) and generally carry a low tolerance for violence, but 12 Magazine has published a beauty/fashion editorial that has been the subject of broad controversy the past few days, so behold:

The editorial features 12 gorgeous models who happen to be marred with bruises, cuts, and on occasion (as pictured above), a nasty black eye. The editors of 12 Magazine have been quick to state they do not support violence, however are glad the topic has opened the floor to several controversial questions, such as: What if these models were men? Was this an anti-domestic violence campaign?

To me, these models are not men and there is no official announcement of anti-domestic violence listed within the campaign. It seems to me the editors were trying to reach something "fresh" with this editorial and just ended up rehashing the same old idea of beaten up women (this time, the model version) and utterly, completely, failed. This has been added to my list of fashion editorial failures. (Burning birkins, anyone?)

To view all of the pictures, click the link below (please use discretion, these pictures are rather graphic). Disclaimer: I, the author of this article [iswim19], am not promoting violence on this blog nor will I ever promote domestic violence.

Comment! What do you think about violence in fashion/art?


  1. I agree, I found the editorial disgusting. You brought up some interesting points in your article and I really enjoy you're writing! I hope you stay on MDM, you're posts here have been excellent so far!

  2. This reminds me of Yuri Pleskun in this photo:

    I'm not really sure if I like it though... It looks artistic but it also makes me a bit uncomfortable...

  3. It seems somewhat interesting to me. I don't hate it or love it. Like _StarHelen said, it is disgusting but very artistic and the models are gorgeous. Especially the first one.

  4. I looked at the pictures, quite sad! :L I may sound stupid for asking this, but why ARE the models so beaten and cut?

  5. okay, the Burning Birkins are a disgrace to the world.
    But great post, I really enjoyed reading it. I'm on a love-hate situation with this editorial. The cuts, burns, and blemishes are really artistic in a weird way. I have to agree with Isabel though, I'm not sure why they would randomly produce this editorial.

  6. Love your posts Sierra, hope you stay on MDM! :D

  7. This was the first interesting post on MDM for a while now. :)

  8. Amazing post. I find the editorial irrelevant for fashion, art or whatever they tried to do. And disgusting.


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