July 31, 2012

A Bittersweet Intuition

We often forget how quickly time passes, and before you know it something is out for a return:

Ah, Miss Stardoll World. So we meet again.
I feel almost as if it was just a few months ago that Miss Stardoll World was announced for another go, it's almost surreal that it's recently been hinted for coming back another year.
Though MSW (as it's commonly known as) seems to be worth trying out for, my opinion of it has been dwindling after seeing how much effort it takes to seal yourself the crown of a virtual world. How much? That's what varies.
I first thought that the people who moped and groaned over MSW were just exaggerating.
Too much advertising? Who cares, there's a delete button.
Too much false promises? There's something called ignorance.
Too much cheating? Well, we can't confirm that yet, so let's give MSW a shot.
Advertising, promos, and cheating. Those are some of the reasons why a couple of us are scared of the upcoming MSW. Every year we know that it's coming, but somehow all of us are hesitant to take the step towards it. Why should we? Because there's always the looming pressure to succumb to the virtual pleasures that are promised to us. Before we know it, we're buying more Stardollars to broadcast and make ourselves prone to winning this grand competition.
All in all, it's a bittersweet feeling.
Bitter, because we want to ostracize ourselves from this weird form of contamination. We do not want to give in to our want of that fabulous sash and title. That crown which promises instant fame and glory. We don't want to be the laughingstock of several jokes.
"Wait, jokes?"
Indeed. If you haven't noticed, the current Miss Stardoll World, Ceren.gk has been the high point for many fame-related jokes. And let's not forget MSW the first: Perilice2. Both are known for their overuse in rares, which Lovegossip4life clearly scrutinizes here:

"So when I went to go out about Dollywood, I thought, "Who is someone we all know 
well, and all don't necessarily like and/or look up to?" And then it hit me. Miss Stardoll World.
 From the two previous years after stardoll holding the "once in a lifetime oportunity" competition, 
I rushed over to the two unforgettable Oh-I'm-So-Famous-Everyone-Is-Going-To-Kiss-Up-To-Me-And-I'll-Be-Ever-So-Perfect Turkish queens *shivers* and sought out a mistake or two in their outfits."
gif animator
A lovely GIF by Lovegossip4life
Ok, I'm going to say this once, and one time only, but that LE Faux Fur Blazer has never let my food go down easy. It reminds me of a stripper ready to woo over the guys when she takes off her robe revealing not-so pleasant body parts (If you get my perverted side of me...). Buuuut, maybe you have already realized that from the emphasized gif.

What's really wrong with her outfit? Its the fact that she overuses LE. My problem with Limited Edition is each piece makes a big statement. See, the blazer, shorts, bag, and shoes all overpower one another. It definitely sets the eyes darting every which way."

Lindsey (LoveGossip4Life) and I ourselves have mocked both the girls, and as heartless as that seems, slight criticism is one of the unnamed 'prizes' that come along with the oh-so-amazing ones. But I'd say that if someone who wasn't covered in delectable LE won MSW, I'd actually be impressed. Hopefully that will take away from the 'teasing' factor. There are several reasons to why the MSW competition would be the bitter in bittersweet. But there is also another word in this compound: Sweet.

The nice side of MSW is a very small portion of the pie. If anything, i'd say the 'sweet' is the outcome of the 'bitter'. Only a select few will be able to benefit from MSW. In fact, only about 3. After all the campaigns and money spending, 3 girls (or guys; that would be fairly amusing to see) are going to get what they'd climbed the ladders of competition for, while the rest of us slump against our chairs and release a sigh of agony. If we decided to give in, our money bags have been depleted. If we've stayed ignorant, we're happy these days of intense voting and frantic pleas are finally over.

To be quite honest, the only thing I'm looking forward to is the MSW store.

Do your opinions waver on Miss Stardoll World?
What do you think of it?
Will you be trying to win it?


  1. MSW always provides a nice amount of ironic amusement. They are supposed to be "exemplary members of the Stardoll world" when they turn out to steal graphics and be total, well... famewhores. If you win that "special" title you become more of a laughing stock than anything else.

  2. At first i tho i wanna try to win.. But now i dont think like that. Its not worth to spend so much stardollars, waste time.. Its just nto worth so much.

  3. In my honest opinion, I liked MSW when it first came out. You actually earned your spot based on your qualities, not popularity or how many broadcasts you sent. If you really look into it, it's just a way to feed Stardoll money by buying more stardollars so you can make yourself known and get votes.

  4. I like MSW when it first came out but after 2 weeks or so it hit me that I didn't stand a chance. And I was right. MSW winners can only be royalty, collectors and popular girls that will never reply to your gb comment. They think they're really fabulous, that's my opinion.

    On the other side, you could easily say they deserve it for spending so much money on Stardll. It's like a pay back. Although, why not making MSW a non superstar?

    It's so simple. No one will vote her cause people tend to think that if someone has LE has style as well. False. They just make simple outfits with their rares while other people make dressses from furniture!

    For this season I'd like to see a designer like LadyRock07 to win. I think she is the right one. Not arrogant and very talented. Unique style and sense of fashion. I'm pointing her because I know other less famous talented people don't stand a chance.

    Great posts you got there. Keep it up :)

    (P.S.I don't think I'll compete cause I don't stand a chance either. I'm looking forward to the store as well.)

  5. In theory, the idea is a great one. However, there are just too many members on Stardoll. So it's hard to weed out the vacant accounts,fame whores, and rich bitches who'll pay for a virtual crown.

    In my opinion, the members who deserve the MSW crown are some of the ones who aren't even trying.

  6. I think MSW is living up to Stardoll's true mantra of getting internet "fame". I was even thinking abou running for Germany possibly. It's good for those people who really are into it and there isn't anything wrong with it. It's a virtual pageant.

  7. When it comes down to it, it was a good idea, but very poorly done. I have tried the first year, and given up the next. I won` t try this year either, because I don`t stand a chance. But not because I don`t want to spend my savings on virtual currency, but simply because I come from a tiny country. From a country which is totally unimportant to Stardoll as it may not bring them a huge amount of real money. A country whose dolls have no chance of winning, or even making it to the second round.
    We all remember last years voting system. If some don`t I`ll remind you. 20 countries whose dolls got most votes would make it to the next round. And off course, that means 20 largest countries with most users will make it through. US, Turkey, Russia, Poland, Great Britain... Serbian dolls, Estonian dolls, dolls from Malta, dolls from Ghana, we don`t stand a chance. Stardoll is basically saying that we are worth less than countries which provide them millions of members, and millions of dollars, euros, or what ever.

  8. I agree.I know I'm Not Going to win,Someone with Every single Le Piece and 10,000 Starpoints Is going to win.Add me i'm Hermione12331

  9. I liked MSW when it first came out. You earned your rep by having a good personality and stuff. Now, you earn your spot by broadcasting, advertising, and cheating. It is just a way to help Stardoll make money because you have to buy more Stardollars around this time.

    Let's be honest, I don't stand a chance. I truly think that. The people that are going to make it to the finals are royalty, popular girls, and clothing collectors. You know, the people that never reply to your guestbook comment because they get so many from having visitors all day! They might even deserve it, because they spend hundreds of dollars on the site. It's a reward for them because they spend all their money on Stardoll.

    This year, I want to see someone different win. First of all, a NON-SUPERSTAR! Non-superstars are just as amazing as any other member on the site. But wait, no one is going to vote her, because she might not have all of the rare clothing. The royalty members make outfits out of Limited Edition, and Young Hollywood, while the non-superstars can be creative and make their outfits out of interior items!

    I also want to see someone with a very unique sense of style win. Not the expensive glitzy kinda style, but a style that no one else has thought of.

    Anyway, I think it is a waste of time to spend so much money for a virtual crown and fame. . Yes, I love Stardoll, but I am not going to spend all of my hard earned money on hundreds of Stardollars.

    This is just my opinion. I love this blog, you have fantastic posts. Keep up your amazing work!

    P.S I don't think I will compete this year, I don't think I have a chance to get past round 1. I am really looking forward to the new MSW store as well.

    Have a great day everyone!

    Visit me on Stardoll: Greendayfan18

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