July 31, 2012

Rate Our Child Writers!

As you may of known, about 2 months ago I hired a band of 4 lovely girls to trial write for MDM, seeing as MDM was having a great decline in posts recently which I am glad to see its improving.

Anyway, you may not of known this, but the trial period for the writers was a 2 month period, meaning they have until AUGUST the 13th to write on for their trial periods!

But what does this mean for them? WEEEELLLLL, I'm glad you're reading this, YOU the readers can rate each writer! And also choose which writer was your favorite!

Below I listed a brief list of all their post they've published up until this point if you wanted to check them out before voting or just judge them because of the amount.


Name: Pandora
Username: Pettiskirt
  1. Change 
  2. Stardoll Escapism
  3. Deadly Beauty
  4. The Rat Race
  5. The Effect of Our Standards of Beauty on Children
  6. Forbidden Language?
  7. Nostalgia

Name: Amanda/Manny
Username: Aurelieke92
(oldest to newest)
  1. Reminiscing
  2. "Call Me Maybe?"
  3. The Stardoll Takeover
  4. Magazines, Magazines, Magazines!
  5. Adieu Femme?
  6. Chubby Cheeks, Dimple Chin
  7. Will you try?
  8. A False Belief. 
  9. Bold, Beautiful, Red.


Name: Sara
Username: sarabear123
(oldest to newest)
  1. It's Okay, They're Only 20...
  2. Fame, Glory, or Enjoyment? (Part 1)
  3. Fame, Glory, or Enjoyment? (Part 2)

Name: Sierra
Username: iswim19
(oldest to newest)
  1. Summertime Skin
  2. Violent Beauty
  3. Fashion can create an eco disaster?
  4. Victory & Klaus Releases Fragrance!
  5. One Ticket to the Art Museum, Please
  6. Review: Forever Chic Magazine
  7. How the Mighty Have Fallen
  8. 60 Hours of Fashion: Would You Watch It?
  9. Review: Muse Magazine
  10. Review: Hype Magazine
  11. I salute you, red, white, and blue.
  12. MDM Exclusive: V&K Collection Preview
  13. You Tell Us: New LE
  14. Review: VOGUE Magazine
  15. "You Tell Us" New LE Follow-up
  16. Reminder: Contest Ends Soon!
  17. Rihanna X River Island Contest Finale Round
  18. MDM Presents: Victory & Klaus Spring/Summer 2013
  19. Rihanna X River Island Contest Results

So please take two minutes of your time to complete the writer survey! And please in the comments list your favorite and least favorite trial writer and explain why. 


  1. Obviously Sierra has done the biggest job in here, and presented us great posts. Tho Manny & other writers did well too. Personally i think you should allow them all stay writing here (:

  2. It's been an enlightening experience here on MDM. Thank you for the opportunity.

  3. I'm sadly disapointed at this, I don't need to know my writers are children,I need them to be good, don't get me wrong, I am a child but.....


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