July 27, 2012

Bold, Beautiful, Red.

Two topics diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not write about both
I just wrote about fashion instead.
(Oh yes, I think I just mangled the best poem of all time)
If there is one thing we all should love, it should be fashion. And as Autumn starts approaching us quickly, trends are starting to come up and fall out. One of the more renown trends that are going to creep up on Fall 2012 soon is red. Yes, that's right; specific solid colors aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

Though red is known as a color to substitute for anger, it is also a color that is used to represent a bold elegance. Several have incorporated the color into their designs, especially monumental designers like Elie Saab:
Just from these dresses alone, you can probably tell that red has an ineffable kind of effect,resulting in the possibility of eyes focused only on the dress; In cases like those, using red in a sort of minimal and streamlined way is the way to go. As I mentioned (or sort of mentioned) before, red is a strong color, 'overdoses' of it is can be downright unappealing.
 I personally love to use the color in accents. For example, shoes, earrings, and clutches are great ways to decorate a simple dress or blouse and a pair of trousers.
A touch here and there and Volia! you have succeeded in making yourself a red embellished outfit.
Of course, we shan't forget about our dear website Stardoll, so below I've collage-d some pixelated redness for you all to see.

Stardoll has a surplus of red items scattered everywhere, but what matters is how you manage to incorporate the color into your doll's outfit. Red doesn't need to be the stereotypical 'stop sign' red, of course; Feel free to play around with certain hues of the color like, burgundy, maroon, or coral.

This would be where I'd show you some cleverly made outfits with this trend, but let's just say this is where you come in. That's right! Let's get our competitive mood on. Like Sierra did with her Rhianna x River Island, I'd like to propose a contest of sorts:
Could you make an outfit of your doll wearing the 'red' trend?
(Don't skimp out on your red!)

1. Create an outfit with the stated trend. (It can be in your suite or in the Starplaza)
2. Printscreen your outfit and upload it to imgur or tinypic
3. Plop it down into the comments with the submission below:
Outfit Link: 
Description: (optional)
- - - 
The prize, you ask? Well, to keep me from spending on stuff just for myself, The prize will be 50 sparkling Stardollars for you (AKA the winner)! 
Entries after 7/30/2012 will not be counted.
So get your Olympics-esque attitude on and start outfitting!

(P.S. sorry for all these corny sayings. I know, they're horrible)


  1. I loved this post! Don't listen to the anons that sent you hate the past month. I believe that you're a great writer :)

    Username: _StarHelen_
    Link: i.imgur.com/fiSPX.png

  2. Nice post! I like the collage of items.

    Username: Flowerpin
    Link: http://i1090.photobucket.com/albums/i361/Cayla2015/redoutfitcomp.png
    Description: I didn't want to use ALL red, but wanted a uniform look. So I used a cheetah print skirt with a little red and red heels from the eco store with a big buckle.

  3. Username: ALLYE99
    Link: http://i45.tinypic.com/vmzknd.png

  4. Red is my favorite color, and i love the skirt and top i used so when i found out what the theme is i just knew i gotta use them. I had to use some black clothes in the outfit because othervise it would be too much red.

    ~ OrangeAnnax

  5. Love the challenge!

    Username: starchic319

    Link: http://i45.tinypic.com/2rrpf87.jpg

    Description: Well, basically my medoll is wearing red (of course!) in different shades and since I didn't want to make it the outfit look like i was being a tomato for halloween, soooo i added a brown clutch to spicceeee it up :)


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