July 26, 2012

Important Announcement: Enough Is Enough

Hello everyone, though I am ashamed I have been on my hiatus and not posting, I still try and check MDM when I can since I partly take care of it along with Aislin, but looking over all of the comments today, I am hurt by the readers!

I come on to see what debating comments I shall see, and no, I read tons of hate comments telling people to leave, that they are idiots, and other things that are far past just slight judgements, more like full blown harrashment.

I love the readers, but I will put my foot down about the comments based upon someone who makes a decent post and they get hated upon by tons of people who try to bring them down.

I don't like to here that a trial writer feels like quitting from how harsh it can get or an old or new writer feeling like just quitting because of it. And I certainly was fustrated by it from how often I see such rude comments.

So, I've decided to start off by turning OFF Anonymous commenting for the time being.

That way if you seriously have something you feel the need is nessicary to whine or complain, or even just erks you to death, if its THAT important you can, just not under the anon cloak.

And clearly if it was so important to bash people that you make fake accounts JUST to do it, they will be banned from commenting. And if it gets too out of hand, I will just turn on code boxes for every time you comment you have to copy the words shown, and I know EVERYONE hates those.

No, I don't hate rude comments but I think there is a line of how rude you should be to people trying to please you.

Sorry if I came off as ranting but I am hurt by this and saddened I feel the need to decide this.


  1. Are you kidding me? The 'hate' comments are just people expressing what they feel. Isn't that what comments are for? If you don't like people expressing their opinion you might as well log off the Internet forever.

    The only blame for the excessive 'rude' comments is your little *cough* sidekick, Aislin. The trial writers here only want to quit because of her. Just look at what she did to Manny. Of course thenegatives unfavorable comments involved, but only because of this blog's so called mature and professional co-owner.

    If you're so distraught by all of the negativity here, a more reasonable choice would be to kick Aislin off the blog. I wouldn't blame anyone for having negative thoughts about her. From her vulgarity and immaturity to her heartless ways, I'm sure someone has to be sick of it by now.

  2. I get freedom of expression. What I don't get is why offend Aislin personally? Calling her inhumane, childish, heartless and questioning her identity is uncalled for.

    I mean,I was outraged at the vulgarity of the post, but did that push me to insult Aislin? No. It's childish of me to ostracize a friend, and extremely talented blogger for a post she altered as a joke.

    All I'm saying you can hate the post all you want, but until you get to know Aislin you have no right to judge her in any way.

  3. I think the anonymous' commenters add that 'spice', so to say, to this blog. They are the life of MDM.

    And without MDM having anonymous commenters I feel like it's losing it's roots.

    I think the problem with Stardoll and blogs nowadays is everyone is SO serious over EVERYTHING.

    Back in the day, people weren't afraid to joke about, have fun with thing,s and that aspect I feel is gone.

    As much as I agree that the comments were too much and rather unnecessary I'm not sure removing anons is the best way to go about it.

    Even though I'm falling back on my words a bit here, I think that for anons to be alright, there needed to be fair mix of proper identities and anons, whereas it was just anons really.

    Ok that's all. :-)

  4. As a writer on MDM, I understand where you are coming from. However most of the time it's just criticism- albeit harsh at times, but I do appreciate anonymous comments. They help me improve. When people are not anonymous, they sometimes don't have the guts as they fear retribution. I'm not asking you to change your new anonymous policy, but just putting it out there that I don't mind critical comments.

  5. Hm... In someways, I appreciate Anonymous comments when they give criticism in a way that is helpful, however frank. But I do think some Anons are just trolls, like when they only post things like "LAME". That isn't helpful.

    I personally think MDM needs new owners. Dei can't come on that much anymore, which is totally fine, but the owner should be able to check the blog daily. Aslin doesn't seem to be doing much either. Adding an owner who could actively check the blog would prevent some things and make MDM even better.

  6. I think Dei is doing a great job. And even I was getting sick of the comments toward Aislin, they were becoming way too overrated.

    I was starting to worry that rude, harsh Anons would be eating MDM like they were with PSG, I'm sure if Anon is turned off here for a while people will learn to control themselves and not impulsively comment rashly without having true meaning behind them.

    I don't think anyone can just waltz in and take care of MDM, as everyone knows it's quite a prestigious blog and cannot be handed over just because the co-owners are busy in their real lives or if they don't have the time.

  7. ^I agree with Manny. People shouldn't be able to hide behind the Anon shield and attack those who decide to put themselves out there.

  8. well, I am very...on edge with this....
    e should be able to have free speech
    but, I'd hate hate comments on my blog


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  10. Nobody is talking away anyone's right to freedom of speech. They can still say whatever they want, but now they have to use their blogger accounts. Like Dei said, if it's important, they can make a blogger.

  11. I am not taking away anyone's ability to comment.

    If they want to express their feelings, they surely can.

    1. I love how you completely ignored everything other point I said.

  12. Great. Now there wont be anonymous comments, from people who dosen't have a life. Everyone will feel better

    1. I've commented anonymously before, and I bet you have as well. That doesn't necessarily mean I "dosen't" have a life, now does it? I'm clearly living and breathing.

  13. ^ i havent ever commented anonymous and i'm talking about those anonymous who post critism that isn't truth

  14. Well the users ARE just saying what they do feel. There not trying to say it in a bad way. It actually might be in a good way, since they are just warning you not being rude. And of course i love this blog, but i also like seeing the critisim and they are doing that just so you can post more to make the blog better! Just hold-back and take the comments as a way to improve your blog..!

  15. Everybody can feel what they want & express it. But if you don't like that i do guess you change delete Anonymous if the comments are hurting you, which might be the case. Nothing worse then Cyber Bullies.


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