July 11, 2012

Review: VOGUE Magazine

Editor-in-chief Jelinna (Lollypopsa) of VOGUE Magazine has been able to bring VOGUE into the spotlight as one of the breakout magazines of the year. Here I'm going to break it down and see if VOGUE is as good as the rave reviews say. Remember that when I reference like this [1/21] that means to flip to that page of VOGUE to understand to what I am referring to, in this magazine there are 21 pages.

Click on the cover to go to VOGUE Magazine and follow along with me.

Graphic Design: 10/10 It's not often I'm impressed, but damn, I'm impressed. Very professional, very high quality, very, VERY well done! It's perfect: do I really need to go on? I'm impressed start to finish in this magazine, and I can't help but appreciate the work of a true master graphic designer. All hail the queen, I think Jelinna is Stardoll's newest graphics extraordinaire.

Fashion Editorial: 7.5/10 Graphics aside, there's no real explanation for why the fashion editorial [17-19/21] is there and what it means. There's no fluidity and the outfits don't follow a certain pattern, but points back for the breakdown on the first page [17/21]. I wish there was a theme here, there would be a perfect score in this section as well if there was.

Creativity: 6/10 In the makeup editorial [6-9/21] there is some creativity taken, but aside from that I could not really pinpoint a truly "original" idea. Magazines are supposed to set trends, and as VOGUE has been gaining so much power in the Stardoll world I really wish they had some original ideas to set forth. If people are reading your magazine, you might as well push them towards a new idea. Inspire!

Trends Shown: 8.5/10 Though not really pushing the creativity part, I am pleased to see VOGUE is on track with reporting trends in their "Vogue Magazine MUST HAVE's" [14-15/21]. Though I would have liked to see some explanation, the trends are rather on target and I'm pleased to give them yet another high score in this section.

Writing Style: 6/10 The Lana Del Rey article [11-12/21] is possibly the only writing in the magazine. In my book, bad, bad, move. Top magazines historically have writing that is in depth, yet relatable to the magazine. VOGUE has no indication of any of this, and it disappoints me. The writing [12/21] is really a description that could be copied straight off Wikipedia or any Del Rey fan site, and nothing out of the ordinary. My advice, hire some writers, or do some more writing in the future!

How did this magazine score?

38 out of 50 total points, at 76% or C

My Final Comments: Before you all throw hissy fits over the "low" score I gave VOGUE, remember that I am an extremely tough grader. On  my scale, getting an A is a truly amazing achievement, and honestly, one that may never happen, for any magazine. I was very impressed with the graphics, but remember that although they are important, they don't make a magazine. The magazine was lacking in other sections, not from laziness, but more from the point of inexperience from the team. That's absolutely alright. VOGUE will improve with the coming issues: hey, even Mary didn't get Eternity right the first time.

Sorry about the two consecutive posts! I felt like I had a lot to write about, I apologize. I promise that I'll keep my fingers away from the keyboard for awhile now. 

MDM, what do you think? Comment!


  1. Not every magazine has to have articles

  2. ^^ lol disagreed. it should have recieved a 3. a magazine isnt a collection of pretty graphics to impresse the reader. a fashion magazine is a compilation of fashion/beauty editorials, reviews and trend updates, lifestyle and fashion articles, and a covergirl editorial.

    i agree with the high graphics rating. a 9.5 tho, i would say, because of the odd face shading (overshaded, much? no one wears a dark brown contour!

    all in all, i love the graphics but it didnt have enough juice! become a magazine! the graphic talent is already there, now u just need a little more substance.

  3. Vogue is so overrated! Calling Jelinna the new graphics extraordinaire is absurd. Even I can track real life poses and dresses and compile a decent graphic, however she doesn't seem to do what the most advanced graphic designers of Stardoll do - create her own poses and re-create the dresses on her own, which is what it takes to be a so called "graphics extraordinaire". I've talked to such one before and she explained me how she does her graphics. Jelinna's graphics are good, but nothing out of the ordinary.

  4. The graphics are amazing, but honestly it is strange to find a "magazine" which only posts graphics over writing articles.

    But I wouldn't even call (Stardoll) VOUGE a magazine, its more of an un-priced compilation catalog of trending items.

    BUT, some people only care for the graphics and are way too lazy to read otherwise, so maybe they are doing a good thing for some.

  5. lol at anonymous #1.. guess that's Jelinna "defending" her magazine, paaathetic

  6. needs more text less graphic. Those graphics are well made tho but too much for me. But maybe some peopel think text makes magazine boring. (Honestly i know people like that and i SO dont agree with them) xx Anna ♥♥♥

  7. Everyone has to realize something...

    These people make magazines FOR FREE. For a HOBBY. And giving this one a C, FCM a C+, and Hype...an F? For the amount of time they put into it? Honestly, I would have given both Vogue and FCM an A+! and Hype a B, not an F.... these aren't professional magazine editors, they're people with a hobby sharing it to the community..


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