July 11, 2012

You Tell Us: New LE

Hi everybody!

As I'm sure most of us know by now, today a new Limited Edition was released (click here to visit it). If you haven't bought any, I'd suggest hurrying over to Starplaza as some of it is already gone (btw, according to Underneath Stardoll, there are still some pieces to come, so don't spend all of your money). I'm usually a big LE fan and I own a lot of pieces from over the years being on Stardoll. However, in the recent collections I've been buying less and less as I am not a fan of a lot of the extremely wacky pieces that seem to be released from Stardoll. Not that I'm complaining- the collections are pretty good overall, but I find myself wishing for the early LE collections Stardoll had, now those were the days!

My question is: What do you think about the new LE collection?

(All photos credit Underneath Stardoll, thank you ladies!)

Share your thoughts, MDM! I will be posting the best & brightest comments in a follow-up post!


  1. Girl, you are owning this blog! I was looking at all the recent posts, and most of them are from you! Keep up the good work! Britt1459

  2. My review of LE:


    Has no value what so ever, you know why?

    Because its not real! And yet...

    People spend hundreds REAL of dollars to load up on that crap.

  3. out of the whole collection, I only liked one dress.
    I have to thank my dad for messing with my router so like several others I couldn't waste my money on it.

  4. LOL Limited Edition:

    L: legitimate
    E: excuses

    TO WASTE. Blegh gah LE makes me choke up *cough cough*

    Btw, I'm not using my username cause I don't want to piss the Stardoll admin off and have them warn me with a deletion, no thank you.

    But I'd appreciate it if you'd post my comment. ;)

    Thanks from Kellen.

  5. LOL HOLD ON ...


    I know that isn't an LE

    but it's not a legiitmate excuse to waste on LE . hahah

  6. LE, in fact, any other store on Stardoll, are losing their value due to the circus-like pieces that are being released. I don't like this collection at all, because of the unneseccary details some pieces have.

    I have to mention that I no longer wait for new pieces to come to Stardoll and I have long-forgotten what shopping is in Dollywood, because chances are the clothes are going to be pieces of poor-graphic, oversized bull****.


  7. First, I'd like to mention that it's a good news that boys can finally some LE. Anyway, most of us are not boys here, but one set is perfect.

    Then, this collection only means "hope" for me. As for myself, I'm only on stardoll since the 6th collection. But, before I really thought it was better for me and my money to have some ugly collections... But then, what's the point of doing them?
    Now, I'm really disappointed, and I don't know why stardoll just can't do much efforts. But I guess there is a reason so I'll keep my money, and we'll see the next one.

    P.S. I personally loooooooove Young Hollywood. And now, MORE than LE!

  8. antidote was better by a mile this season of le was an insult to my eyes

  9. Sierra, Please dont take personal but my opinion is you live in the past. Times change and fashion too. well maybe i dont know the old LE (ive senn pictures tho) im in stardoll since 2010, but i think new LE is good. Congratz to stardoll that they finaly started to understand that there are boys on stardoll too. Good step forward. xx ♥♥♥ Anna

  10. THere are 7 decent mannequins and quitr a few nice items. easily better than the last LE collection and last antidote collection

  11. Emagod.I legit hate LE.I've hated it ever since I've been on sd (2010) The normal shape's of the clothes are great but I hate all the details, why can't LE have a PLAIN collection with these stupid spots, flowers and shapes it's just DISGUSTING.

  12. I liked that there was guys stuff that stuff was nice. Way 2 go stardoll! LOVE DA LE!

  13. Sierra, you're a total prick for saying "this is good, this is bad"--> who are you to judge, bitch?


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