July 23, 2012

Will you try?

Earlier yesterday I received a message in my inbox from Patrick (Devie44) about The Stardoll Shiner:

"Spread the word! The Stardoll Shiner is coming back, 
and we're better than ever! Apply to be a writer 
now! only 10 spots open!"

I was never there to see TSS in it's active state, but even when inactive the blog was stunning with graphics made by Hunnigall and the writers who had posted seemed to have a great voice (not literally speaking, of course). I am looking forward to seeing how things will turn out for TSS this time around.

Do you think The Stardoll Shiner will be bound to impress?
Will you try to become a writer for TSS?


  1. patrick and linda get my vote for best pairing of tacky annoying bitches of the year

  2. I have never heard of a blog like that, but i will check it out o.o Maybe i will apply if i like it

  3. You can see it in it's active state with Google Reader (you have to hold down the space bar for a while straight to scroll farther) TSS didn't fail do disappoint ever since Patdick took ownership.
    And by the way, I almost forgot to say how much I agree with Jack.

  4. Tacky, says the tranny who penetrates his dog daily.

    Jack you'd win the solo award for being a tacky and annoying bitch by a long shot. You've done nothing for this Stardoll world. Your projects are all fails, the only thing you're good at is being dick. If you vanished from Stardoll, I'm pretty sure no one would care... well other than your 2 friends. lmao I've been friends with you before, what a waste of time!

    Doll Domination(FAIL!)
    graphics by jack(You suck, FAIL)
    freeduck... portfolio</cente...(FAIL!)
    The Stardoll Talk(FAILX999999)
    Stardoll Attitude(What is this?.. FAIL)
    Stardoll makeovers by freeduck___(Yeah right, I rather my blind grandfather give me a makeover!)
    SedonaJ's Stardoll Vlogs(FAIL)

  5. No. I never saw TSS active, and the old posts weren't exactly fabulous...

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  7. "says the tranny that penetrates his dog daily" DEAD.
    Linda you kill me.

  8. Most of these blogs just exploit people with talent to make their blogs great, just like MDM, BFM, AND PSG when it was active. The owners of TSS are has been's anyhow. Linda barely blogs on her "famous" King of Media blog and Patrick just lingers around, not to mention that his projects fail harder than most (Femme magazine, his shitty Yogurt blog). I don't see anything great coming from TSS other than expoitation of writers trying to be "elite" and the owners soaking up the fame that they haven't even worked for. And on the other hand, who are you to say that someone won't be missed? The only thing that won't be missed is a shitty blog which TSS will more than definately be. Just abort the damn baby before it turns into a paralyzed, metally challenged vegetable ok?

  9. It will never comeback...

  10. my comment got deleted wtf


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