August 19, 2012

Fall of an empire

About not too long  ago, many blogs flourished with news, updates, avid readers, and avid writers putting together stories, gossip, and endless rants (such as this one) for the Stardoll audience to see. Words such as Dollywood, Hacker, Scammer, and many others, were overused to infinite and you couldn't hover over a Stardoll blog without seeing one pop up.

Blogs all around the world from America to Saudi Arabia to Poland to Russia would regularly update out of enjoyment. Stardoll blogging became a second world, an inspiration, and a haven for new faces. It allowed everyone to simply know the facts. People were discovered, graphic artists, designers, and "elites" (a dead term now).

If it wasn't for Stardoll blogging I would've left a long time ago. When I first joined Stardoll, I only had 1 friend and the closest thing to a conversation I ever had was "5/5!!"  &  "thnx u 2". I didn't find much enjoyment other than purchasing clothing and dressing up my doll. Entering chat rooms wasn't pleasurable either because everyone was just getting down and dirty. Who knew a bunch of pixelated abs could get a 12 year old girl excited in the pants? Sadly, even I didn't get a ''Ur hot'' or a ''bby get nekked 4 me".

Now I sound Taylor swift but blogging was a getaway for us, it allowed us to write about what we loved. Gave us a reason to continue on, and liberated our opinions. It was a universal empire!

Blogs begun deteriorating. It started collapsing like an old building. One by one, people disappeared. Less and less, like losing weight. Our roofs shifted and people fled along with their interest. Blogging lost its spark and some of us, lost our motivation.

Call me crazy, but I feel as if the posts that seemed to make Stardoll (a 12 year old's dressup site) into something more are now less valued. Friendships were harnessed, enemies were caught well as a lot of history. 

Do you feel this way to? Is your passion becoming bleak? Maybe one day, one day; we will see a glimmer of light like we once did, the first time I saw these blogs.


  1. I guess you're right, but we never know what future can bring us. What is always going on is the fact that everyday more blogs are created, but I really guess that VOGUE Magazine is something that we didn't expect and I really feel as if it's the best new project of the year.

  2. Yes I agree with you, there aren't many active blogs out there right now. But who knows, maybe all will come back. As Amanda ^ has already said, you never know that the future brings...

  3. You're right, even though I re-entered stardoll very recently. I noticed that this blogging community has changed a lot. In 2007, when I had an account for the shortest time ever, there was still more hype than there is today. And I was looking at the old MDM posts, from around 2010-2011, they seem to show a more bubbly side of the blogging community.

    I seem to think that this whole blogosphere is just running under a revolution of sorts, so like the 2 before me have said, we have no idea what will come in the future.

    Great post!

  4. LOL the 'empire' has been falling for the PAST TWO YEARS. It had a mini comeback for a while....but that's gone.

    I only come on to talk to my friends...

    but the 'empire' wasn't even there. it was maybe a little village that came back. I remember the peak, it was actually before a LOTTT of you guys were on stardoll. Most of the members from the peak left, unfortunately. And the new people are talented and some of them are really nice, but there isn't that same sense of industry.

  5. **Not to sound offensive! There is definitely talent right now, it's just a MUCH smaller community than it was two years ago! xx

  6. Same! There are loads of blogs that haven't been updated in months or even years... I guess it's just people growing up, losing interest in a game aimed at teenage girls and moving on with other things in life


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