August 20, 2012

Lifting the Veil

Right as I open up a draft to type something my contact starts squirreling around in my eye. Now, I'm typing this while my eye is a watery mess. An omen? Not very sure.
It seems as fast as Anonymous blogs are made, they are going down just as quickly. 
Recently (it's not going to be a hard story to guess), An anonymous blog was made, but within a week or two the blog was deleted. What I am sad about is that this anonymous being was quite reasonable. So, what blog did they run?

'Reviews of Graphic Designers on Stardoll!'
Nevermind the wordy blog name, but the content on the blog was quite good. The blogger managed to get in  7 reviews before they shut down the blog. One of the reviews I enjoyed was the one of Lige07, a well known graphic designer who has made a heck of an improvement in a short time.
Here's a little taster:
(click to expand)
For starters, the blogger seems to have quite a taste for 'custom poses' which leads me (forgive me for the tangent) to the thought that he/she may be running this not-very-publicized graphics competition in the blogosphere. 
(click to expand)
Meet Graphic Unmasked, another blog that seems to encourage making Stardoll Graphics, except...without the 'Stardoll'. Graphic designers who have a knack for not using any medoll faces or reference images could have a field day with this, but please remind me something; How much non-medoll, non-reference image people are there? Not a lot, I can tell you that.
Returning to the point, GD-reviews, or the anonymous user who ran the Graphic Designer Review blog also managed to be neutral with his or her reviews. Though they seem to advice more than compliment, we can analyze through the post on Lige07 that he/she is fair and not too harsh. Many people nodded their heads with approval of the user and the reviews:
(click to expand)
So why did the sudden deletion? Turns out we've found an anonymous who has a heart (you know...because we usually portray them as heartless souls). After a few days of staying silent, GD-reviews put something up on their presentation that made me a bit surprised:
(you know what to do...)
GD-reviews was simply guilty because they thought they were unfairly rating each user. Well, that's quite considerate. We shall shower him/her in kudos because he/she feels so. I personally liked the reviews, as I mentioned before, they were honest and straightforward. It didn't seem like they were exaggerating points at all. I can see why some of the reviewed graphic designers may be unhappy (some really great ones got an 'F'), and why the user felt like they needed to take down the blog.
So, I shall applaud them for being one of the few with maturity in this virtual world.

Anyhoo, they have this whole tinychat thing planned on the 24th of August. I'm surprised they are really preparing themselves for the so-called 'revenges'. To be frank, I doubt that they'll get much hate.

Do you have an opinion of who GD-reviews may be?
Do you think his/her reviews were too harsh or just right (if you read them)?
What do you think of his/her actions?
and also:
Opinions on that 'Graphics Unmasked' competition?
The watery eye was an omen indeed, what a lousy post.


  1. First time im hearing about that Graphics Unmasked. Gotta check it out o.o
    GD reviews started good, but i dont think anonymous blog can ever last for a long time. Same about Anonymous By Name, it started great with posting posts every day but now it.. disappeared. It was fun to read both blogs and its just sad..
    I got no idea who is behind GD reviews but i had a idea who could be AnonymousByName. But well story is about GD reviews now.
    I just kinda feel they are kinda familiar, and i even had a thought that GD reviews and AnonByName could be the same person, but im not sure if thats possible

  2. * No anonymous blog cant last for a long time

  3. I was chatting to someone about who GD Reviews might be, and I threw the name momijigal911 into the mix as the dolls looked quite similar(I think Megan changed hers recently though) - it was only the one person I said this to. I don't know if other people mentioned Megans as a potential name, but I can't help but wonder if the person I spoke to is/was GDReviews! I wont say who it was until I've done a little digging.
    I thought some reviews were accurate, but others weren't at all - personally I thought they did show some favouritism.
    I'll probably go to the tinychat simply to find out who they are and ask them about my review - I wont be there to get revenge on them!

    I'm not particularly interested in the Graphics Unmasked at the moment tbh. I get that they wont make their own graphic because people, ultimately, will guess who they are - but I don't really get the blog, if you get what I mean. It's about making graphics that aren't Stardoll? I don't particularly see why that would need to be anon for ... ?

    Sorry for the rant! Love K xxx

  4. @ Sparklewand12, Honey, I can assure you that it's not me so there's no need to be suspicious towards me lol

  5. @hollyoaksrocks* - did I mention your name? No.

  6. @sparklewand12 You've just told me on chat that I was the only person you spoke to about GD-Reviews, and that you think the person you spoke to (which is me) is GD Reviews.

    So it's obviously directed at me + you're not making any sense.


  7. I have no clue of it could be... and I also thought first Anon by Name and GD Reviews was the same person...
    I just hope that someone will get me a Review of who was at the tinychat if I can't make it! :D :P

  8. @sparklewand12

    you can't just point fingers at random people especially if those people happen to be one of my closest friends. it doesn't work like that

  9. I think being anonymous today is the only way for writers, who really want to and can write, to "rise to the top." Otherwise, if they are not "stardoll-famous" or do not have a powerful friend base, usually they will be criticized harshly for judging those "above them" and fade into oblivion.

    I think the blog is alright, but then again I'm no graphics judge. Best of luck though.

  10. Khol we used to be friends and you now have this vendetta against me - it's not a public matter like you want to make it. If you have a problem with me, just tell me straight in private rather than getting your friends to gang up on me.

  11. Omfg Kirsten I have nothing against you, I confronted you for accusing me, as I confront everyone and you just had this bitch fit, unfriended me and banned me from your club which is so dramatic.

    you make yourself so difficult to approach + no ones ganging up on you, it was just a coincidence jack saw this.

  12. The first person that came to my mind was Megan/momijigal911 maybe because of the way GD-reviews's doll looked like(somewhat similat to Megan's doll) but anyway I am not sure :L

  13. GD-reviews is somebody who knows stardoll good, but couldn't handle being a anonymous. And thats pathetic.

  14. Girl Who Knows, how couldn't I handle being anoynmous? I am still an anonymous. Feeling bad for somethig that I've done wrong is completely normal for humans and not a thing that means I can't hanle my anonymity. Lindsey revealed herself a couple of days ago, does that mean she couldn't hanlde being anonymous too?
    Yes, I know Stardoll very good, but I can't agree that I'm pathetic.


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?