August 21, 2012

Buongiorno! Fall Italian/French Style!

Hello MDM!

If the title of this post hasn't clued you in yet, I'm in Italy! Rome, to be more exact. I've been on vacation, if it helps explain why I've been AWOL off the Dollyworld. Italy is amazing and so different from America, and I've been seeing some awesome trends both here in Italy and in France (Paris, to be more exact, where I was several weeks ago). As always, I am impressed with European street styling as well as stores. I want to pass on some trends I seriously hope are going to stick this Fall. Be on the lookout for these trends both in real life (for some chic ahead of the trend style) and on Stardoll (for the always stylish medoll).

1. The Little Black Jacket 
Natalia Vodianova rocking the jacket.

So, back in Paris, I was shopping around at Chanel (Coco's very own 31 rue Cambon) and surprise surprise: none other than THE KATE MOSS walks in with a tres chic and body flattering jacket. This jacket happens to be Karl Lagerfeld's newest little iconic masterpiece: the little black jacket, if you will. Paired nicely with a tank dress, Kate looked every inch the supermodel and I realized I simply must buy that jacket. Watch out- every fashion brand under the sky will be recreating this one for this Fall/ Winter season. Pair this baby with a simple tee and jeans for the day, then swap it up at night with a pair of kitten Louboutins and a figure hugging mini dress.

2. Forget crossbody, big is in.

Longchamp Shopper Bag $125, Saks New York
Big totes are in, in, in this season. All over Paris and Rome (and don't forget Milan as well) I've seen women hauling around large carry-alls, and why not? In a crossbody you'll be lucky to fit a wallet, but in a carryall, you wallet, sunglasses, cell phone, camera, magazines, and reading book are all welcome! Heck, I've even seen men carrying around stylish Louis Vuitton carry-alls on the street. If that doesn't signal this trend is in, I don't know what! Several brands: notably Longchamp, Hermes, and Balenciaga have embraced this trend for a long time, but this fall, even brands famous for their teeny tiny bags will be carrying out whoppers.

3. Military Salutes

Zara camoflage shirt, $70
From Topshop to Zara, our favorite affordable brands are embracing military camoflage jackets. I think camo is so absolutely wearable because it matches with so many colors: green, blue, brown, black, grey, etc., that you can pair it with shorts as well as jeans when Winter rolls around. You can also snuggle up to it when its so chilly a glass of hot cocoa is needed. When vintage shopping in Milan, I found an awesome World War II military camo jacket that is shockingly similar to the one I saw in this collection from Zara, although I got my jacket for $10 compared to Zara's $70. Deal! I'm planning to add studs when I get home and wear this one for most of winter (it really is remarkably soft on the inside). Anyone else up for it?

Jeffery Campbell Lita's, $120-280
4. Spikes

I'm not saying you should go out looking like a living porcupine, but let's get aggressive this season and add some spikes to our wardrobe to match our tough looking camo jacket, shall we ladies? Jeffery Campbell is just one of the many brands (which include UNIF, Posh, Zara, H&M, John Galliano, etc.) who are churning out edgy shoes and accessories to sharpen- literally- our wardrobes. I love the idea of wearing studs! It's flashy but not overdone, and says "I'm not weak, and I'm strong and edgy enough to make a real fashion statement, and I'm not afraid of what you say." That's what we need in Fall/Winter fashion; save the soft shades for Spring and Summer, thank you very much.

So, there are my ideas for fashion this fall. What other trends do you see, at home or abroad? How are you planning to update your Fall/Winter/ back to school wardrobe? Comment!


  1. Italy! Lucky! Did you get to go to Florence? I wish I could go back to Europe again. It beats Cali any day :P

    I love the big totes, even though crossbody is something that I adore. I dislike Studs though, never liked them.

    As for any other trends I love the jewel tones and probably the menswear styled things they are predicting for the Fall/Winter.

    Wonderful post! Filled up my Fashion needs.

  2. I love Longchamp, they've been *the* bag to carry in Paris in recent years - I've been every summer for the past 3 or 4 years, and you see them everywhere you look! I'm so glad I got mine before they really kicked off here in the UK!

    Love K xxx


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