August 27, 2012

Life Goes On

I didn't plan it. I didn't write a tearful goodbye. I didn't even check to see If I liked my outfit well enough to leave it there for 2 month. Of course that's because I had no idea I would be gone for so long. I just logged off one day and the real world caught up to me. I turned 18, I graduated high school, and I got my first real job. My thought process wasn't "OMG! I'm an adult so now I should say goodbye to Stardoll and make a big fuss about it!!!"  No. People who leave like that just want attention and to prove to themselves that people would care if they're gone.

So here I was in the real world. What an odd place.
You mean you can't just rate people's outfits and get money? Nope, I had to work. To be honest my job is what kept me away the most. I remember when I used to not be able to go a week's vacation with out freaking out about what I'd missed on stardoll, but this time it was different. Before I knew it 2 months had gone by. Eventually I started to idly wonder if anyone had noticed that I had not logged in for quite some time. I wondered what outfit my doll was wearing, and what room she was in...I thought that maybe I'd just log in to fix my outfit...or maybe I'd just never ever log in again. Yea, sure. Eventually the thought of leaving my doll that I have spent so much time and money on without even seeing if I've left her looking decent got the best of me. I logged back in.

It was weird. Stardoll was stardoll, with some shiny new touches. I checked my notifications and found that I had new scenery comments. The scenery that had comments was my latest one:

To add irony to my life, this scenery had been titled "Free Yourself", and is all about breaking free (sorry to point out the obvious). When I realized that I hadn't been on Stardoll in 2 months I felt as if I'd broken free from this huge weight. But when I returned I realized that the weight had been inside of me. I was on stardoll because I enjoyed it, and all the pressure and stress I felt relating to stardoll was self inflicted.

So if you're out there and are thinking of leaving stardoll because it's "stupid", but there are still parts of it you enjoy, then stay. Do what you love, and just laugh at all the stupid things out there. However if every time you think about stardoll you feel anxious and stressed then you need to lighten your load. Do things for fun, not for fame. But I suppose if you feel stardoll no longer amuses you, then you should leave. Don't make a big fuss about it, just go. Life will go on.       


  1. Great post! Yeah, I actually did notice you weren't logging on to your account, or posting things, but I just figured you had been busy in the real world, like everyone one here.

  2. I agree with everything what you wrote.. I like playng stardoll, i have fun there, friends.I relax there.

  3. Very mature point. I've constantly question my being here, and sometimes I'll wish I've never found and discovered Stardoll. But at some point, I appreciate that it gives me pleasure. Reccently I haven't been on as much, is that just with upcoming age, or something else? I don't see myself leaving just yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if one day I fell into your position and didn't log in for 2 months strait.

  4. omg, that was exactly what i did sorta! Stardoll used to be my homepage, but I just got so sick of it and the people, plus most of my good friends have left already. I started logging in less and less, and when I did it was only for about a minute before I closed the tab.



  6. You know, what you have just posted shows so many signs of video gaming addiction it's untrue. Many people don't realise how addictive Stardoll is until they try to leave. Try the official Video Game Addiction Association website for advice and help :)


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