September 04, 2012

"Not another one," They say.

I spent my labor day weekend in the lovely city (okay, not too lovely) of Las Vegas, Nevada. There, I made a weird spontaneous decision that surprised me. Mostly because I thought I wouldn't make the choice so stereotypically.

But how do you people say it again? Oh, yeah:
I'm "leaving" Stardoll.

A while back on my personal blog, I made this extended metaphor about Stardoll being a black hole. Except for the fact that It was pink and Sparkly. I found myself being sucked in, but I wasn't worried. Everything I was doing seemed to be just right with Stardoll in my schedule. Well, I did start procrastinating more than I used to, but hey, it's something everyone does.

Soon, or very recently, I became bored with Stardoll. Everything became too mechanical within the site itself. And Dollywood was becoming a tad too dull. Not boring though. Then, at the right time, I found my way out of this weird, sparkly, pink hole. It was the right time to sever my ties with this place.

I'm not telling you that Stardoll is horrid and addicting, (the second word is partially true) rather, live your Stardoll life to the fullest. And when you feel like you've had enough, that is the key time to let yourself go. Don't drag your time here if you have "things" you need to do like assemble a magazine, earn a writing spot, or whatever.

On that note, I am really sad I am departing MDM. It was a huge checkpoint for me, as I had finally gotten the chance to write on this splendid blog. However, I didn't want to drag things like I said, and I am going to abandon the thing that made me stick with Stardoll the most.

Thank you, Thanks all of you. If you didn't enjoy my posts, or you did, thank you. You made my experience of Stardoll all the better. I will miss you all dearly (most of you, at least)

I won't be completely gone; I'll probably be flipping through various posts in the lovely blogosphere.

Thank you once again and good luck in your future.
I just noticed; sorry for making a 'leaving' post after another one. 


  1. I will really miss you Manny! Getting to know your amazing personality was a treat for me, you've healed me when I'm feeling down... when I need someone to cheer me up, I can always depend on some rare creature called the Manny (haha, remember that convo?). You will be missed, and I'm glad I got to be in your experience on stardoll too.

  2. Goodbye, Manny! I'll miss you, but I won't blame you for leaving! Hopefully you'll still post on a few blogs, but good luck in the real world!

  3. Aw, you where a great writer, one of my favorite!

  4. bye :( you were my favorite writer on this blog

  5. My post wasn't a leaving post. It was somewhat the opposite. It was me coming back.However it was encouraging people to leave if they did not enjoy stardoll any more. From what you've written it seems that's true for the most part, but if you still like writing for MDM you should continue to do so! Well it's your choice (: enjoy life without stardoll!

  6. @ Lia

    Oh, apologies for that XD I feel terrible when I misread things. I did ponder on doing what you mentioned, but I felt like that would renew my time on the Stardoll site itself. Which for me, isn't a very good thing.

    Thank you so much, everyone!

  7. Manny, bye! I am really gonna miss you! DO you know what your are gonna do with HYPE?

  8. Las Vegas is really pretty if you leave the Strip. Just saying. :)

  9. Oh Manny I will miss you terribly!! You were my favorite writer here. Good luck for your future!! Bye.. ;(

  10. Aww, that's a shame, but I completely understand what you're saying. I really enjoyed your posts. Don't stop writing; as in, write in your free time. You really have a knack for it. Goodbye and good luck in your future endeavors!


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