August 07, 2012

Oh, for crying out loud.

Recently, we've seen a turn of events when 'Stardoll's Mommy Police' were first shown to dollywood at the beginning of the month. Ashley_Doggett presented us MadRockaFox and Madmadeleine, two grown ladies who have rampaged across Stardoll, reporting those who have things deemed 'impure' and not appropriate. 
Many Stardollians have already summarized what these two users have done, I wish to reflect upon that, but if you don't know what's going on, I recommend you read these posts first:
Due to Stardoll's ban on creating Madmadeleine/MadRockaFox posts I was asked to take this part out of the post.
Much of the points I had prepared before for this original post were stated by the person who I will mention below, so to refrain from repetition I will just show you the post.
Another who had snooped around the two interesting characters was the newest anonymous: AnonymousByName (quite catchy...joking.) Though he/she seems to have a rather bland name, they had gotten down to analyzing MadMadeleine and her blog:

'Madmadeleine gone Mad?' by AnonymousByName on Anonymous By Name
Due to utter laziness I will screenprint the post...
(read all of it HERE)
AnonymousByName does a good job of analyzing MadMadeleine's blog, Valley Of The Stardolls, which is pretty much the blog where the lady shows off all the people she's reported with no shame. A post she had made, dubbed 'The Tempest' was made and then deleted, luckily, thanks to a cache version I was able to...mark it up.
I now present you to how Manny sees 'the Tempest' (cue lame music):
(click to enlarge)
I find it repulsive that someone will go out of their way to clean up the alleys of Stardoll. Sure, we do have some ghastly members who we'd rather not see, but clicking on their icon is pretty rare. And kids who are young enough wouldn't comprehend much of it, taking almost none of it into account. Players who are old enough should have enough common sense to understand if the things aren't for them. I'd once come upon a fairly inappropriate doll, I just exited out of the screen and continued minding my own business. Silly dolls, especially the fake pregnant ones annoy me, but other than releasing an angry post about them, I've never clicked on the 'report' button. If the girl has a need to tell us about her alleged pregnancy, let her be.
What Madmadeleine and MadRockaFox want to do is purge stardoll of everything bad. Okay, understandable. Who wants to see a doll that's too inappropriate for it's own good? Thing is though, we aren't sheltered from these things in real life. Being exposed to stuff like this in a virtual community is almost a boon we should be thankful for. 
I'm being raised in probably the most sheltered area possible. The suburbs are a place of studies and not any other care in the world. So, to be honest I'm thankful that these extremities on Stardoll exist. Thanks to those, I can distinguish right from wrong.

Madmadeleine and MadRockaFox find the things that they find as demeaning, but in reality those 'things' are nothing but a mere joke between people of the modern age. Hello? Haven't they seen Nicki Minaj recently? The 'ride me' necklace is just a fraction of the 'demeaning'-meter compared to the singer, yet while little girls pore over things 'Nicki Minaj', creative users are being reported for a fun loving necklace.
You decide. 

I'm sure Madmadeleine and MadRockaFox are genuinely concerned for the environment on Stardoll, and I won't blame them for being so. But there is a limit to everything. Trying to cap off a creative outlet is going to make you the bad guy in this. 

Since I couldn't tell this to them directly on the post;
I'll tell them here:
Keep calm and carry on, literally. Maybe try to keep things sheltered from your kids. If we're smart enough we'll know to turn away from all real bad things. And if we're for us.
I'm sure the kids who've been betrayed and bamboozled have their own parents and friends to warn them of those things.

Hopefully the ones who have been deleted from these ladies get their account back.

What is your opinion of the 'Mommy Police'?


  1. Great post Manny! Its good to finally get the word out about these women/children/babies/unfo's (Unidentified not-flying objects-- couldn't resist posting that!) They make my eyebrows knit together every time I hear them reporting a new member... which by now, should be every 2 minutes.

  2. I Wanted to report her, but then i understood i could lose my own account. Thats cause im sure stardoll wouldnt find anything bad in her suite or in that shes reporting young members and will think im just fake reporting. I May end up losing my account.

  3. Update; Turns out Madmadeleine just deleted a ton of her posts regarding the "Mommy Police" incident. She's just as guilty as any of these dolls she is accusing :O

  4. That girl is just stupid. She clearly has no brains and I think she shouldn't get any other publicity.

    Great post though :)

  5. she's a vile old hag and i hope she falls down a very deep well

  6. I agree with Jack! Haha :D

    Seriously, what is wrong with those ladies?! If they really were mature women then WHY THE HELL do they report others on Stardoll and don't care about their own business? Haven't they got a household or something like that?!

  7. I love this post! I hadn't heard of this before and it's great to hear.

  8. They are women that like having total control over their little minions. Everyone falls victim to someone like this every now and then. This time it just happened to be a writer on a popular blog. She makes a post and the Blogs War began. Stardoll probably just got fed up of them countless messages they were getting from the women and the horrifically grammatically incorrect reports from their minions that they decided to step in. Other than that when are they bothered to move from their high horse and bother themselves with us lower beings.

  9. Great Post!I've Found That Very Much Too,If The "Childs"Parents Wanted Her/Him to be Safe activate Kid Safe! God,It's None of They're Business what WE do.

  10. I'm sort of a bit upset but not at the situation. My account has been deleted recently and I' not sure if I'll be able to get it back after it's "termination". I wasn't even able to log on and delete my posts and things before Stardoll sent the email saying that I would be deleted if I didn't. An 8 hour time frame. PSHT. I go to school 10 hours a day where Stardoll is banned on the computers. It's not fair, but it doesn't matter I suppose. I'm getting older and playing dressup is a little bit beyond me.

  11. I love the post. I totally agree just reporting people isn't the correct way of protecting young dolls. You should learn them to ignore inappropriate dolls and stick to their own values. The grannies are acting so childish, I even wonder if they aren't lying about their age. They should know better (ps. I feel sorry for their (grand)children, their room probably looks like a prison)

  12. Actually, you can find something bad in her suite. Though it's not THAT bad, it is the kind of thing they'd report in a second. She's got a pillow saying "Come to the dark side".

  13. I actually have a little sister who sometimes plays on Stardoll and because of that I appreciate some of the things the "Mommy Police" do. Saying that younger kids should just ignore inappropriate dolls is stupid. We need to remember that Stardoll /is/ a site for younger kids that we, the older generation, plays. I agree with the "Mommy Police" that a necklace that says "Ride Me" is completely inappropriate. But I also think they've gone too far with all their reporting. No one is innocent and everyone's had a part in this mess. We need to just get over it.

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  16. O.K.
    This is...strange.
    When I saw this atricle, i joined madmadeline's club and in one dicsussion asked her for an interwiew for my blog in who she'll tell her side of story. i got banned from club from MadrockaFox, and madmadeline wrote that she can't give me an interwiew now, she's busy, blabala. I answered that i got banned. and guess what? She gave me an ascpolize and sent me CHIWAWA. No comment.

  17. Why the hell are 50 year olds on Stardoll?


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