August 02, 2012

The Art of Stardoll

The blogosphere. A word I like to use for this vast, pixelated, space that is used to show off creativity at is highest. With it's mix of writing along with the visual representations such as graphics, the blogosphere is daily accumulating with our talents that we cannot make renown in real life.
However, some people decide to rather, erm, beg to differ?

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Meet Samantha.Stardoll, the girl who preached her heart and brain out over what she thought of constant creativity on Stardoll in the comments section of the MDM Exclusive: Victory & Klaus S/S 2013 collection.
Although she makes her points in a much more harsher fashion, it makes me think a bit. Like how 'every body' is treating Stardoll as if it's the real deal. Then I come to realize that in reality, we all don't. Do you think we could instantly pop in fashion lines and magazines in the regular fashion industry? I don't think so.
I feel like the Stardoll blogosphere holds something dear and unique to us all. Like I said before, it holds up a base for creativity when we don't feel like getting our 'ass[es] of[f] the computer' and 'exercising with real friends' (although I'm not sure what Samantha.Stardoll means by 'real' friends...are our Stardoll friends plastic?)

I think as long as we're not consumed whole by our Stardollian doings, having magazines and clothing lines are fine. But there is also another type of 'imagination' running around Stardoll. If you managed to pick out 'Fake Gossip' from your busy heads: You've nailed it.
Fake Gossip has always put me on the fence. I've always thought of it as rather uninteresting, or having no point. One day, however, I caught myself reading these fake gossip posts (Klaus Gossips). I felt like I'd wasted my time reading on 'Kasia going missing' or 'Deidra kidnapped!' but there was still a trace of a smile on my face. All of these composings reminded me of a collection of short stories, short yet quick to the point and amusing. I find this a sort of stimulus for our imagination, but not in the right place. Anyhoo, Klaus Gossips also has created a group of 'countries' that have their own little snappy names.
'Dolly Northica'
'Las Dollars'
Those are the modified names for Antarctica, Hawaii, and Las Vegas. They certainly bring a sort of amusement to us, seeing these 'countries' that are cleverly named. Then the looming cloud comes back over, asking us:
"What really IS the point?"
Well, according to me the answer is: There really is no point. Stardoll Projects like such are just ways to pass the time. Sounds a lot less grand than what most of you would have expected, but I guess that is how it goes. I respect every Magazine editor, every writer, every graphic designer. Pretty much everyone who is affiliated with the art of our blogosphere. Not only have they created something to pass time with, but they've created a whole new outlet for those who want to do something new.

To each their own, we can say.

So, to Samantha.Stardoll: next time you feel like inflating your thoughts with excessive capitalizations and unnecessary language (*cough* retarded *cough*) try to seek multiple vantage points. Thanks.

What are your opinions on user-made 'Projects'?


  1. Lol. Las Dollars is Las Vegas? I would have never guessed that.

  2. Hmmmm... I support any user expressing their creativity doing a magazine, blog or clothing line. They're just using SD to improve and become better artists, writers. Whatever! They enjoy it, and at the end it's fun.

  3. I think its amazing, if threre are magazines, blogs, gossip here (:
    I just can also say the thing, what girl on the post where Samantha commented, said that in real life we wouldn't do something like that (: So why cant we do that on stardoll?

  4. I wouldn't be able to keep on playing around Stardoll if it wasn't for the magazines, blogs, fashion lines etc. It'd be so boring no one would even care that much. I mean, what you do? Log in, dress your doll, then leave. I've met loads of people because of blogging. Besides, art is really needed as a way of rehab(sorry couldn't find any appropriate word)to all this drama going around.

    On the other hand, you stated that you don't like fake gossip blogs. I was a part of Klaus Gossips but quited because I'm seriously thinking of leaving sd when I'm done with my modeling club. I've written a few posts there and I can't deny some of them were boring but I've never written any similar to the examples you gave. For example, I was the one to write a fake story behind Fuysha and I'm proud for coming up with something different from the old stereotype "Derp Derpsson moved to Doldon City last week". Fake Gossip is really art to me. It's like writing a book with less formal vocabulary and maybe trying to make it funny.

  5. All these projects are fun and is a good way to pass time and I guess gives us a taste of real life industries, but I do agree with Samantha. The hours we spend on these things could be used to do more productive things that would actually benefit our life ;L

  6. Uh oh... Not another one!


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