October 17, 2012

Anonymous Commenting

Anonymous commenting has been reinstated. I do hope that during its absence everyone has taken a chance to really think about how it can affect our writers. And I do ask that in the future, if you are commenting anonymously, please take time to think before you post. It may be all fun and games for you, but it makes our writers very hesitant to post, as they are constantly worried about being degraded.

We do appreciate your comments, concerns, and constructive criticism. But please keep the nasty comments to yourself.


  1. Awesome!


  2. Wouldn't mind having other writers posts here, except you. Hate your posts!

    So uptight and unrelatable. Very annonying.

  3. ^ What is wrong with you people? What would you feel like if someone posted something like that on your guestbook or blog? I really liked this post because it is true and you just proved her point!

  4. I'm so stoked to see it's back! I always thought it brought some spice into the community. Although I'm sad to say that I see some people are already abusing the privilege. :(

  5. Just setting yourself up for disaster...again

  6. Honestly Deidra you're a cow as is Aislin.
    Both of you are so fake to each other and everyone else that it makes me sick, in fact you're so fake that you could easily be the definition. I think it's humorous both of you act like you do so much good on Stardoll and for its community when all you do is shit talk about everyone you think is beneath you. I really want to see a blog that just smears your names and plasters who you really are on it. You're both incredibly over hyped and have no talent what so ever.


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?