October 17, 2012

Stardoll Moment Of The Week

I'd like to take some time to reflect on some of Stardoll's most memorable moments throughout history. Fierce (by Alice/ Hunnigall) was one of Stardoll's most famous magazines, and this edition circa December 2010 just glimpses on how beautiful and detailed the work they did was. This was one of my favorite editions of Fierce, enjoy everybody! What other magazines do you miss on Stardoll?

Until next time, Sierra.


  1. If my senses are working, I noticed on Alice's presentation there's going to be a final issue of Fierce. That's probably my favorite magazine alongside Lipstick.... gosh, I wonder if there's ever going to be another issue... D:

  2. Oops, accidentally posted as anon! My browser is a slow one, and doesn't seem to cooperate with my fast-paced mind... haha

  3. More than magazines, I miss all of the old members. Alice, Noelle, Isabella, Style, and even Tyler. They made things a lot more interesting.

  4. Aislin shutup and Sierra you're a terrible fucking writer.


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