October 28, 2012

Memoires Of A Medoll: Swan Song

Thank you Noelle for this opportunity.
For giving us all this opportunity.
Unfortunately, this blog was only meant to be in your control.
You are loved; admired by thousands.

Thank you to the dedicated readers who have stuck by MDM.
Through all the transformations, you have been here.
Thank you for that.

Thank you to all of the writers who still felt honored to be a part of MDM.
Even after it was no longer cared for by Noelle and Isabella.


I have become tired of the hateful anonymous readers.
You never wanted to be satisfied.
You're content being miserable.
And therefore content with making everyone else miserable.
Writers became hesitant to post here because of you.


I won't delete MDM.
There is too much history here.
However, all of the writers have been removed.
The option to comment here has also been removed.
MDM will become a memorial. Nothing more.

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