January 15, 2009

Can I Just Say?


Can I Just Say {& I Just Wanna Be Honest} is the title of my upcoming string of articles on this blog. Okay. Okay. I know, I may have been "quite" inactive with posting {Please forgive me girls} but uh, I've been sooo pre-occupied for the past few months. Since I got back to Manila, every single day, I consider precious.


This is the ONLY place where smiles are widest, hugs are tightest & welcomes are warmest. And tans are honey-est!

Aaanyway, I'm glad I can now warm up my palms & tap my fingers on both hands forming a pyramid of contemplation. I have been itching to write all my archived thoughts about Stardoll since most of the time, I'm slaving in the kitchen either carefully plating my dishes or perfecting my gastrique.

Ah, but today is a FRESH START.

And surprisingly, a FRESH START PAGE by Stardoll to go with it!


Lovely, don't you think?

With all these new remixes that Stardoll is doing to its site, there is so much to LOVE!


 The fact that I am starting to scribble again, right?




  1. Stardoll makes so many things like this and so many new and hot hairstyles to go with them..but we dont get any of them supreme-gorg hairstyles! SO UNFIAR.

  2. I don't see that anywhere....???

  3. They don't have that in the US I think, because I didn't see it:(

  4. At school when we did Model UN my country was the Philippines! :) Manila's the capital! :D

  5. I really quite like the Phillipines. I know so many Filipinos here =D
    My hairstylist and maincurist,tennis instructor, all are Filipino!
    My hairstylist's name is 'Lovely'. He's adorable.
    They're just such warm, caring and funny people. I always just hug them, every time I meet them. Their smile truly reaches to their eyes and lights up my heart.

  6. ♥ It's about time Isabella....

    It's about time. :P

    hahahaha! Lowv you!

    xoxo - Noelle ♥

  7. I actually find Manila very very very stressful:(
    I used to live quite close to Manila when I was younger...
    I prefer the province^______^


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