November 11, 2010

Great Hera!

Don't blink.

Yes, that's my new unofficial banner for MDM.

I recently just found the joys of the Camera Feature at the PARTY at Stardoll & I have been longing for my photos to be attached at my profile. FINALLY, it can be done! And I am TRULY AMAZED at how crisp close-ups can be!

3 years ago, Stardoll used to allow random jpegs to be uploaded at our presentations but apparently, some people have abused this kindness reason why Stardoll stripped us all with it.

But now, after what seemed to be an endless pursuit of the PERFECT shot, I contented myself with a single photo which I proudly attached on my
Stardoll Presentation

And being the person with an inexplicably high satisfaction level , I just had to edit this original photo if I was going to use it as a banner for my column here at
Mémoires Of A MeDoll. So I quickly perused through my laptop's editing programs & tweaked this shot a little bit.

And below is the BEFORE & AFTER comparison of the original & my edited version. As always, CTE to view the full proof of how narcissistic I really am. Aw, c'mon, I'm pretty sure you are, too! HAH! Click away, girls!

I'll be doing Noelle next but I so enjoyed doing this project that I am seriously thinking of choosing a girl to have her MeDoll edited like this. So, I am encouraging everyone to leave their suggested MeDoll at the Comments Section as to who will be the next girl I will be taking a whirl at. And I do have a couple of girls in mind.

I wish our Stardoll virtual selves will have this kind of realism to them. It's like breathing life to a MeDoll reminiscent of that of Queen Hippolyta to her clay baby.


Wonder Woman



  1. Whitch program do you use to update the look off your doll?

  2. Wow, this banner blows me away! Good job, Isabella!

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  4. wow! that's stunning :) it's almost human-like :D

    i'd love to have one like that but i'm hopeless at editing :L


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