November 09, 2010

Scammers RULE!

Sadly, they still do. Hackers included.

Since that day I joined Stardoll, February 3, 2007 to be exact, I have been presented by offers to have a makeover, a glittery presentation or a bonus of stardollars from seemingly good-natured, angelic looking girls. And boys.

Each one of them have a diverse yet sly approach (read: M
odus Operandi) to tickle your gullible interest:

"You have a lovely MeDoll but something is lacking. I do Makeovers for FREE!"

"I like your presentation, but it needs a little sparkle. I do Presentations for FREE!"

Great Suite, but it could be better. I give stardollars for FREE!"

Simple & catchy yet totally DUMB as these statements sound, it used to be this vanilla 3 years ago. And throughout my virtual life at Stardoll, these scheming little girls have apparently evolved. Devolved rather. And multiplied faster than Gremlins on a monsoon!

After the "Friend Request Scare" last year, most Stardoll members have declined invitations from potential "BFFs" but somehow, the ever-trusting moi have accepted a handful of girls with all the nicest things to say. Not good.


She always had generous compliments when I was on chat but oddly, too giving. Waaay too giving. During one of my usual rounds at the StarBazaar Interior for someone else's junk, her true intentions unveiled itself.

(Click To Enlarge)

The moment she asked if I wanted to be Superstar with a bonus of stardollars, I instantly knew what she wanted.

My Password.

But I played along with her & sustained our chat so I can get the perfect proof for my screenshot. And VOILA! The moment she asked for it, I BLOCKED her & sent a report to Stardoll. Yes, I am THAT fast.

Another wannabe-scammer with a sad MeDoll, with an equally sadder knowledge of the English language.


Her spelling just taints her credentials.

I know The Stardoll Rules by heart. And to all those little girls itching to outsmart me with me password, LISTEN. With or without make-up I adore how my MeDoll looks, so I really don't think I need a Makeover. Especially from someone whose MeDoll is twice as bad as her fashion sense. I myself, wrote my presentation & I love how plain yet concise it is. It is so good that even a ex-starblogger even plagiarized most of its contents (but that's another story). So, NO I don't need sparkles or glitter for people to read it. Hmm, stardollars, we all need that but a hefty amount of free golden coins for doing nothing, I don't think so. I have my own AmEx.

If it's too good to be true, it probably is.

And with all the countless articles on blogs, warnings from previous victims & Stardoll reminders, I always thought scammers & hackers will die its own deserving virtual death. But as we've passed the 80th Million member mark, a big chunk of it are girls with wide smiles, lovely make-up, gorgeous hair & a strong desire to get your password.

Or mine.



  1. Why can't we all just be happy for what we have or 'paid' for?

    Is it that great to scam for a living in Dollywood?

  2. do they seriously think some of us were born yesterday and we are going to believe them? how lame.

  3. some saddos with nothing else better to do out their. this one girl went out of her way to chat me and say i;m a pig. because she has nothing else better to do:(

  4. Yeah... so sad :( we need to raise awareness of hackers.. soon.


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