November 14, 2010

Free Harajuku interior

Whilst logging into Stardoll this afternoon after a tiring week, I began to check my mailbox.
I look at my mail, seeing that half of it is worthless chainmail, cheats etc.
I begin to read through them all, then I re-read one, originally thinking that it was some sort of cheat.

No, it wasn't a "cheat", it contained the code that allowed me to unlock the fabulous Harajuku interior. This is no ordinary interior one just buys on Stardoll.
You must purchase the Harajuku Fragrance and enter it in the box at the club.
I am not a fan of the fragrances, so I never intended to buy them or even get the interior in the least!

Being quite skeptical about the code the mail contained, I quickly made another account to see if this really worked, to my surprise it did! I then done this on my own account...and voila, there was my interior waiting in my suite!

Here is the code, just go and join the club, enter the code in the box and enjoy!
Be quick, it is probably only a matter of moments before Stardoll suss this out, or maybe not.

Note: The club seems to only allow members from The United Staes of America or Great Britain to join, if you are not from those countries, just change your country and join, then you can switch it back to your original country after obtaining the suite interior.


  1. It won't let me join the club...what can I do?

  2. ♥ Love the post! Welcome to the family! :) ♥

  3. Not really a fan of anything Harajuku but this interior is quite interesting.

    I hope the proxy still works.



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