December 10, 2010

Confessions of a Scammer

Stardoll is a virtual world that imitates real life. In real life we hear news about heartless people who trick others just to get what they want and in stardoll, we hear news about DOLLS who scam!

yesterday, one of my friends sent me a message:

I told her that maybe I can feature her in the blog if she tells me an interesting fact about her, or if she has something new and out of the box ideas. But instead of receiving a decent reply from her I got this:

I told her that being a fashionista doesn't count and can't make her famous, because I do beleive that everyone of us are undiscovered fashionistas. If she wants to make it to the top she needs to be more interesting.

Then her next reply is REALLY interesting!

WOW! this girl is a scammer! she admitted it just because of fame! I think she needs help!
Anyway, I asked her how does she scam......
And here's her reply:

tsk tsk tsk.... this girl is a scammer and a hacker! she disgusts me!
But, I really am interested about her so I asked her the most common question we want to ask them: WHY DO YOU SCAM?

Here's her answer:

OK? we should know that all of us have problems. We maybe poor, unfamous and more but being bad to others is never a solution to those problems.

Ms, Lipglosschic, pls. stop scamming! You should accept who you are! even if you're not superstar and not famous!

And if you want to be famous, work for it! SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT!

I am not only talking to this girl but i'm talking to you aswell, pls. do not scam others. It's a crime, a sin and a very unethical thing to do.



  1. That's sad.

    At least she got the publicity she wanted.

  2. Gossipgirl4real: I know that you are trying hard with all this but I do not find your posts very interesting or entertaining. Your terrible spelling, bad use of grammar and an even worse use of vocab really makes me cringe. I checked out your blog and it's not good either. Boring witha capital B.

    To Noelle_page and Isabella.arci: Why did you let this gril write for your blog...? She only lets it down badly. Sorry. It's true.

  3. Yah, I agree. Post is deadly tedious and gossipgirl4real cannot write to save her life.

    She put on her pres" watch out for my invasion in the elites in 2011". She is just a famwhore. Isabella and Noelle, why the fuck did you let her write, she has no fashion sense and cannot write!!!!! It's the sad truth, I can way better. This blog is geteting shit whenever she posts ans artcile FFS!!!!

    Isabella you are a fabulous writer! Noelle your writing is amazing too. Jenny your articles are brill, Lolita and Bruno your amazing writers too. Nicole your writing is of a very high standard!

    Gossipgirl4real is the lowet of lowest. My younger sister who has down syndrome and sever dylexia can do way better.

    And I guess gossip4real you'll be doind a post about your shitty writing commensts as your articles are so boring sweetie. VERY.

  4. Give the girl a break, she made a good post and at least it is more interesting that a lot of blogs that would just post about starplaza releases.

    Good job :D

  5. Give her a break Madwordl? None of her articles have been intresting so far, she does not have the ablity to write. This topic was so boring I feel asleep when I read it. It's terrible. What a shame for this blog.

  6. I agrre. her posts are si pointless and crap. Not an ELITE!!!!

  7. haters.... haters... haters or should I say posers? aren't you the one who created the doppelgänger accounts based on our beloved MDM writers?

  8. Anonymous: OMG! I remembered your stardoll username: Mangaloversam!
    am I right!?

  9. To Anonymous: There are better things to do than to bash this girl, ever so tirelessly on this blog... and it's called GETTING A LIFE.

    While you are at it, go to your parents, and ask them to teach you some RESPECT on the side.

    You seem to be watching her every move, looking at her every step. Oh well, a FAN does come in many different shapes and sizes... and in your case, in a different IQ and EQ level.

    PS:... someone who seem so feisty enough would have the "balls" to have a name at least and not hide behind the benfit of anonymity.

  10. hahah! What a shiity post. Soz but you cannt write anything interesting. Deal with it. Woah Noelle, why are you sticking up for someone who cannot spell for her own sake?

  11. Gossipgirl I read your other posts and they are infact extremely dull and not very entertaing, you did say that you wanted to become an elite.
    Elites are not bimbos you know ;D. try harder dahling. You need some help with your vocab and grammar. nd post about interesting things, same with your blog too, extremo boring! I love this blog, you have fabby writers isbella and noelle.

  12. Your posts are crap to read. So piitnless and stupid.

    Even I can write better than you without trying. WTf where you fucking thinking Isabella and Noelle to hire her?

    After hiring Jenny, Lolita and Bruno I would think that you would you hire and EVEN better writer! Seems not. Stupid, she makes the blog so lame

  13. I love the post hun :)

    It is strange seeing that the people who said bad things for my team mate have their accounts created this days on blogger, oh yeah I know why. It is that crazy girl who loves us, the MDM Team.

    You are amazing GG4R. :)

  14. I love the article! Don't let other peoples opinions hold you back! Keep going with the interesting articles-few have the talent to be able to dig into this information and spreading the word to stop scamming in a beautiful way.

  15. Honestly, I liked the article. People need to learn to stop putting others down on a virtual world and go out and get a real life.
    Keep up the good writing GossipGirl4Real

  16. I don't see why you'd post this. no ofence. But I don't give a crap about some lowlife who wants to be famous.
    You obviously could not come up with something to write.
    As for the scammer thing in your post.
    Am I the only one who think the user is a liar who said she was a scammer just to be known for something?

    Seriously. Take lessons on english and play stardoll alot more. Than come back and start posting. Because, clearly hun, your posts are shit.

  17. It's hilarious, how the anonymous is speaking about her having bad grammar, but they're using even worse grammar?

    Slang is for texting, not for commenting and writing something that you're trying to make formal, if you're a hater, at least spell words right and use correct grammar.

    At least gossipgirl4real used better spelling than you.

    As the song goes, U-Go-Girl!

  18. WOOWW , THAT WAS AN AWESOME POST HNY !!! WAY TO GO !!! :D The other girls that give negative comments are just jealous of your writing cause they can't write !!!


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