December 11, 2010

'Tis the season to be Jolly!

Hello everyone,
My name is Maggie (Findurlove) and I am so excited to both being a part of the MDM family, and posting on this wonderful blog. I would like to first thank both Isabella and Noelle for well, everything basically, and next I would like to thank the MDM family whom supported me before and throughout the process of getting accepted as a writer.

Now on to my topic...

The date as of today is the 10th of December, so close to a certain holiday, whom I suppose the majority of you celebrate (some exceptions include Hanukkah and Kwanzaa) which is Christmas! Christmas is a Christian holiday which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is not limited to Christians only however, many non-Christians celebrate it, even in if its just a tree containing a few scattered ornaments. Nevertheless, Christmas is the season to be Jolly!

Families all over the world unite together, just to spend the holidays side-by-side, because what is the value of Christmas if you're not surrounded by your loved ones? In addition to that, the shiny lights, the snow, the Christmas gifts and lights, and the traditional snowman on the front-yard is the basis of any well-spent Christmas time!

I wanted to share a Christmas story of mine just for this occasion:

A few years ago, 2005 I believe, I was coming back from school on a very snowy day, it was at the very beginning of December, at that time, my dad was out at work, and my mum was most likely cooking something that had a marvelous aroma, and looking absolutely delicious, so I was propelled to walk back home. Thank goodness the school was not that far from home or I would have easily just froze to death!

Anyway, I was given ''Christmas Break'' which stretched all the way from the 12th up to the 5th I believe, and as I roamed endlessly that long winter break, and perhaps shopped until I literally dropped, it was finally time. Christmas eve has finally arrived, the night where I can actually get to having a unified supper all together, and get to have fun eating and drinking traditional food that my mother has specifically for this occasion.

When it came to the time to set up the dining table, and the time to settle together, I was in-charge of spreading out this gorgeous new table cloth, and place the plates, knives, and forks on the table, and in a few minutes I was ordered to go fetch the cookies and as I remember a few juices, water, and eggnog. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am extremely lazy, so I carried I believe three or four jugs, and a large cookie jar. I took a few steps to check if everything was secure, so when I knew everything was, I moved a long to the dining table. Suddenly, my sister appeared in-front of me, covered in what I thought at that time was blood. Everything dropped, and I was close to dropping myself. My sister shouted ''ITS KETCHUP'', at that time I felt relieved yet a bit angry, so I started hitting my sister, and I got so pissed off that I have not talked to her almost the whole night long.

The moral of the story is, family remains family, and of course, even if they pester you, scare you half to death, or even just yell at you all the time, and show hatred and disdain. You should laugh off any insult, forgive and forget, cause hey, its Christmas! Start a new page for the new year, cause nothing should get you down for what its worth! The biggest moral is, don't get lazy! It will most likely get you in trouble, fortunately for me, my sister was the blame for it!

Anyway, I wanted to see if you ever been through an event close to or during Christmas time and you learned a valuable lesson from? Tell us, and you might even get featured!



  1. are all your pictures your own? The christmas tree too? You're like super rich then!

  2. Our Christmas is on December 25th so only 13 days away....I'm so excited, i love to spend the time with my family and we always make roasts for luch and dinner and share presents! Christmas along with Easter.....New birthday etc is one of my favourite times of the year!!
    I always love to decorate the house with the Christmas tree covered in multiple amouts of baubles, we also put ornaments throughout the house!!
    This year...1 week and a bit ago we got 3 week old chickens..6 of them!! We decided to take photos of them with or ornaments such as a plastic (glass-looking) reindeer pulling a sleigh, a small Christmas tree ( big to them), a wreath my little sister made and a candle I made!!The photos were GORGEOUS =]We got about 40 or sooo of them heheheh=]
    I cant wait till Chrissie this year..i've got my advent calendar and Im counting down the days!!
    bye, hope you have a good Christmas everyone !! Xx


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