December 31, 2010

Where Art Though My Vuitton?

In just a few hours, Manila time that is, we will be ushering in the new year with a bang.

Although it has been 1 week after Christmas, considering that I still have my post Christmas jitters all intact, I'd get you all in on a little Stardoll wishlist I have.
In the not so distant past, Stardoll had given us real Designer Brands in the Starplaza which were all nothing but divine

 We had Just Cavalli  and Sonia Rykiel just to name a few.

A few months earlier than those brands, as if an angel went down from the heavens to grant God's minions their wish, Chanel  jumped on the tribute-shop bandwagon as well.

There's just one last brand I am really thristing for.

For ages now.

Any guesses?

Uhuh. That's right.

Is this just wishful thinking?

Or will Louis Vuitton, by some divine intervention, would one day open it's doors to 80 million MeDolls itching to get their hands on those handsomely monogramed eye candies?

Well, I know that somehow, I am not aiming for the stars here as from time to time, Stardoll managed to "sneak in" little pieces of this brand in their existing stores (Starplaza).


*photos courtesy of & Stardoll Magazine*

It is quite interesting to see these inspired-by pieces, yes, but it is different to have the real thing (in Stardoll terms of reality that is).

Wouldn't you like to click-drag one of your purchases and a pixelized Louis Vuitton label would dangle itself in front of your very eyes and move with every twist and turn you do with that item?

And as much as I am wishing that, I also wish that this store spoiler will manifest itself within this lifetime.


I just have one question...

W-H-E-N will I be able to get my hands on these???

As the now-missing-in-action Miss Isabella Arci had stated months ago, these clothes and bags are more virtual-money worthy compared to even the first season LE (Limited Edition).


Until this store materializes, I shall just content myself on dressing up our medolls with Louis Vuitton masterpieces....

in Photoshop.

 Pathetic? Nope! Just desperate.

Here's an example.

The banner for Maggie (Findurlove) and myself's latest MDM collaboration.

Since this will be the first in this blog, that two writers will be writing in one column, this needs to be as fierce as Maggie's idea.

And nothing could be more fierce than the Louis Vuitton Pre Fall 2010 Collection.

So if you are dying to have that much needed advice, see a review on an event or a paricular designer brand or collection... or just wanting to get an unsolicited opinion on a certain topic, send us a holler through the comment and we just might consider sharing our points of view on it. 





  1. I love Vuitton clothing, stardoll really needs to get them in stores -.-

  2. Stardoll does need some more LV in stores. And I love the idea of the joint coloumn. It sounds really good :) I'm excited about its premiere!

  3. Totally agree. We want LV! Love the idea of She says She says, I think it will be interesting. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't those outfits to die for? The ones in the banner, shop and everything inbetween.

  4. Ooh la la, I'm drooling over Vuitton. :P

  5. Hey! I design Louis Vuitton bags, scarfs, etc. Just contact me if you want any! My stardoll name is: JuicyC2890

  6. I totally agree.... I want to see LV on stardoll too!

  7. *drool* shoes and bags, shoes and bags, shoes and bags, shoes and bags, shoes and bags, shoes and bags, shoes and bags, shoes and bags, shoes and bags, shoes and bags, shoes and bags, shoes and bags *drool*

  8. Where is this store coming?

  9. When will this store be coming? I bet it's gonna be expensive.

  10. *drools* I would buy those clothes without a second thought.

    And that store spoiler is a bit old, wasn't it a fake?

    Oh my gosh! Do any of you oldish members remember how a few years back -I think- Stardoll released the limited LV inspired bags.
    I can not believe I missed those!!
    *cries into pillow*

  11. I want LV Bags and Shoes now! I would spend my whole money for this Shop!

  12. Love Vuitton (:
    Did him for my designers assessment in textiles.
    Hopefully if stardoll decides to get it - it wont be ss :x
    Im not ss, so i really hope!

  13. Bring LV to americaaa!!

    I remember when i first heard of lv in stardoll tom being like 100+ sd I was like =O Now they have it for 20sd, so thats good but I want to get my hands on some +O NOW!


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