December 26, 2010

Out with the H8. NOH8 is In.

Stardoll is a virtual world.

It is a place of make-believe and at certain times, cyber-madness.

On very rare circumstances, and it is indeed inevitable, the real world finds a connection to this virtual one. Good or bad results I have no idea, but the most recent incident as such... I instantly knew that it was one of the best things that happened to Stardoll.

A few weeks back, Nicki (tapstar321), wrote about this campaign (You can read the whole article here). 

This movement struck a cord in my heart and at that very same moment, I told myself that this is one movement I will be fighting for not just for other people but for myself as well.

I have such strong feelings against discrimination of any kind.

Racial discrimination, discrimination against women in society and discrimination against the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and TransGender) community.

The fight against the discrimination against our Gay and Lesbian brothers and sisters is one thing I am particularly passionate about.

I HAVE lost friends to this ongoing and most often than not, ugly battle.

I cannot expect everyone to be as open-minded as I am.
There are billions of people all over the world and these people were raised in so many different ways.

Most of the time, things we do not understand scare us.

And the most common defense we will have up is HATE.

The fight against discrimination is not between people. 
It is a fight against ignorance.
...and the only way we can fight this is through awareness.

 At such a very young age, we were taught that God is perfect.
And that he created man in his own likeness.
If God is perfect, it follows that he doesn't commit any mistake.
Then maybe... just maybe, God created our gay brothers and sisters the way he wants them to be.

The way he intended all of us to be.

You see Tolerance is not the answer.
As to tolerate is to look at something less than how we look at ourselves.
The key is RESPECT. That is the first step towards UNDERSTANDING.

 Having said my piece, I am now telling each and everyone of you that MDM is sponsoring the official Stardoll NOH8 Campaign.

We will be at the forefront of this campaign...

from beginning to end.

Our very own Maggie, already expressed her support and I am so damn proud of her!

There are a couple of other things that this movement is standing up for and I am pretty sure that you will find something you believe in and can support.

You will be able to visit their official blogspot page by clicking the photo below:

You can also show your support by purchasing one of a kind NOH8 merchandise here at the NOH8.Org Stardoll account.

All the proceeds will go to future events we have lined up to promote this movement.

This post is a call to all the blog owners, and to all Stardoll users as a whole, to once and for all, support something that is right.

We are the next generation and change should begin with us.
And this change should start now.

Once again, let's prove to the whole world... and to ourselves as well,
 that we are more than fame, fashion and friends.



  1. Missdancer853 also made a graphic
    I think this is a great idea I loved the post, I am also going to be making a graphic!

  2. I am grateful someone from MDM wrote this and not only because I support the cause but also because I have suffered from bulimia, another cause NOH8 stands up for. Also I am grateful to Gillian for asking me to share my experience about it on her blog, that girl is doing big things on here.

  3. "The fight against the discrimination against our Gay and Lesbian brothers and sisters is one thing I am particularly passionate about."

    I'm so happy to hear you say this. I'm not the only one on Stardoll who feels that two people, no matter what, have the right to be in love.
    Even some of my friends are all "He's gay, why does he have a child?"
    Why not?

    And to Miss_LolitaF-
    I have so much respect for you. I know bulimia is hard to get through and it takes a really strong person to get through it.

    Thank you so much for posting this strong message. I'll definitely be taking part in NOH8!

  4. I think that it is fabulous how our fellow stardollians are doing this. I hope that the awareness spreads.

  5. I'm 100% with this. I might not be "the next generation" anymore, being 40 makes me the "past generation". But even so, I strongly feel discrimination of any kind is a subtle way of domination. And I want my 6 years old daughter to grow in a world where HATE becomes the bad word, not gay, or black, or fat, or handicapped, or woman... As Noelle so well stated, tolerance is not acceptable. Respect for our fellow human beings is the only way in which we can even think of a future for humankind. Chapeau!



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