February 07, 2011

Anonymously Vicious

It has been quite a while since the last time i posted my Random Thoughts here.

Sometimes, it is nice for you to just be in the background. Be a silent observer and blend amidst the chaos of a virtual community, for through this, you will be able to see more of the big picture.

Stardoll has evolved into something more than a virtual dress-up site. It has become a commnity. Maybe comparable to Friendster, Facebook or Twitter... it has grown unto something bigger than all of us could have foreseen five years ago. 

As early as now, i would have to say that i, Noelle Page, may have to face the wrath of nasty comments or gain the irk of some with this rant of mine. 

At this point perhaps, i don't give a damn fuck anymore.  

We as a community thrived on user-created-blogs. This has become an outlet for all of us to vent and exchange opinions about Stardoll members or Stardoll itself. More so than the amount of real cash that all of us spend on this website, blogs such as this one keep Stardoll.com alive.

However, since this is beyond the control of the Stardoll Staff, the very thing that is enjoyed by many is also fast becoming the very thing that is feared by some.

I am sure that a lot of you will agree with me that Anonymous blogging has become quite a trend. From the time of Perez, until it was revived by Aislin in the not so distant past, it has become one tried and tested formula for blogging success. A lot of these, then-anonymous-and-now-known bloggers eventually became writers all of us look up to and respect.

 This is fine. And i have really nothing against this. Let's just say I learned how to look on the writing prowess first on some articles rather than the content. The thing i am quite concerned about is how these anonymous post all seem to start with one constant theme:

Obviously more refined... and more subdued if i may say, majority of the posts are in a repackaged Burn Book format... Elites (which they are most commonly referred to) are the prime targets.

Echoing on the post of Jenna, about how Elites are given that title only to be stripped off (together with their dignities at times) and deconstructed amidst a cheering audience is quite disturbing. Sick as a matter of fact.

 A post of a similar format oftentimes would quickly bank in comments. Blog followers would clamor for more, cheer and praise the author and humiliate the subject even more. 

How civilized of us.

Tyler closing down his blog apparently due to him not being able to handle a lot of pressure was one of his wrong moves... as this has made him such an easy target. More so than before. 

Pardon me but this is not in defense of Tyler. As a matter of fact, i barely knew the guy. Let's just use him as a specimen.

He may be an attention-seeking, famewhore  to many but let me ask all of you this question:  

"Weren't you the ones who gave him that attention in the first place?"

If you will be making a post about how some people do not deserve attention and how irritating and obnoxious they are, stop pounding on those keyboards and reflect for a quick sec.

"Shouldn't you be making a post about yourself instead?"

What a way to overdose yourself with your own medicine...

In essence, i just have a simple thought in mind that maybe some of you can provide the answer to.  

Why do we celebrate a rise of an individual brought about by the downfall of another?

Cruel much?

Damn right it is.



  1. I think you're right in saying that Stardoll has become so much more than it was.

    But don't you think the whole thing about Dolls being deconstucted and stipped is a bit dramatic?

    I think there's a way to handle things on the internet, and if you're going to give gossip and sometimes mean comments anonymously and not, don't you think you should be able to take some too?

    Anways, great blog (:

  2. Being anonymous is something I believe we are all guilty of. Everyone says that they always construct and convey their opinions through their true identity and they would never stoop so low as to entrust how they feel to readers of their blogs, comments and other various forms. However, I believe that we have all fallen victim to saying how we feel freely through an anonymous comment. Whether it be knowingly or not. I believe that saying what you feel anonymously is just as bad as not saying it at all, but feeling it still.

    It has become a great trend among bloggers and commenters today because we all feel a sense of security. Yes, someone can come along and trash what we said but they can't truly demean us as a person if they don't know who we are....right?

    I like many others have judged openly and anonymously time and time again. And just because I admit that doesn't make it right. But those were my true feelings and everyone has them. Yet again, it doesn't make them right. It also doesn't make them wrong. I'm sure I, like some others have hit the nail on the head about people as many times as I have been wrong. I think the important thing is that we not only make these mistakes but learn from them as well.

    A small note about Tyler is something I would like to make. Before I knew him I would agree with the post made on Perez. I did believe that he was an attention seeking, power hungry, famewhore. But in the time that I worked with him and shared ideas I realized that not only was he a bad guy, he was a good guy. We all have a bad side. Some of us hide it better than others but that doesn't make us any better. Tyler doesn't hide his bad traits and I don't believe he ever will. But Tyler just isn't a bad person. He is creative and a great giver of advice when it's needed. No, he isn't perfect, as none of us are, but he's what is considered "good" these days. Before any of the blog closing and trashing started he confided in me that people would call him a failure and say that he hit rock bottom. They would say that he was an attention seeking famewhore and they would spout off anything else they could think of. I worried that he was was overreacting, but he wasn't. We don't rush to down talk someone every time they close a blog or end a project. But because Tyler is known, loved and hated by a vast majority of Stardoll's members he was considered a failure because he couldn't hack all of the pressure. Well I personally believe he handled it a lot better than some of these pricks that are talking shit about him right now.

    I made many mistakes by judging and criticizing people I didn't know as well as I should have. Admitting and apologizing for that for the rest of my life isn't going to make it any better and trying to make it better is not my intention. But you do not have to make the same mistake I did to learn from it. Take this as a warning that no matter how strongly you feel about your views on certain people, posting it for all of the world to see is not going to make you feel better in the long run. It may soothe any negative emotions you could be feeling at the moment, but in due time you're going to feel like shit and want to take it all back. And the sad reality is that there will be nothing you can do about it.

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  4. There's an underlying message in this actually. Respect begets respect. Commenting and writing anonymously does provide a sense of security to many... power to some even. But at the end of the day that didn't make anyone a better person.

    Each and everyone of us give a bit of ourselves to our dolls. Whataver shit that gets written towards one, is somewhat directed to the person behind the account as well.

    I am pretty sure that all of us are guilty of making an anonymous comment here and there... maybe to protect the image we have in this site or repel any negative re-posts our comment may attract but it all comes down to us being responsible enough for our own deeds.

    I am positive that none of us here in his or her right mind would want to be in the receiving end of an anonymously vicious post. Not even the anonymously vicious author himself.

  5. It's all so stupid. Most times I feel people are being picked on unfairly but there are times when I feel the same people do things just for attention. I am now confused & I am finding it hard to show suppot for these people now. What goes on in people's personal lives (that should not be discussed online) is now being blogged about. If you don't like the attention, do things quietly don't announce it to everyone then people will have less to say about you.

  6. Stardoll is so much bigger than just a site and not everyone on it knows about the other side, but those that do, stardoll is like a place of escape. It is unfair for people to poke fun at others for being who they are, it is cowardly and just dumb.

    You are a brilliant person and though I also do not know Tyler some really nasty stuff must have happened to make him act this way.

    It is bullying and wrong. Everyone has the right to an opinion but the old saying 'if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all comes into play'.
    I am not lying I have never posted anon and thats because I can't see the point I am who I am take me or leave me.

    It is so heartbreaking to see how many 'elites' have been driven to these rants, it is good you got it out of your system but it would be better if no-one drove you to do it in the first place. I hope they back down a bit for you and others who are being hurt. Keep safe Noelle


  7. This has nothing to do with anything with your post except the Tyler part, but Tyler works for the Official Stardoll Blog now.

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  9. Great blog and very well said.
    I, for so many times, have been tempted to give a "piece of my mind" anonymously; virtually and in reality. But a big part of me truly believes that it's a cowardly act.

    I probably don't have the audacity to commit such an act or perhaps I pride myself on playing it safe at all times.

    Still like they, saying what you feel anonymously is just as bad as not saying it all. If I'm to choose between lesser evils, I'd do the latter


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