February 07, 2011

MDM's Next Top Blogger: Top Blogger of the Week (2nd Elimination)

The results of the second elimination are in!

For the first ever elimination, again, 4 people are leaving (3 of the finalists were unable to take the pressure and they had to be eliminated for not being able to post before the deadline).
The decision is based on poll votes (40%) and the judges' decision (60%).

The followers' choice top 5 bloggers of the week are:

LadyGagaMcQueen will be getting 100 SD cash as her reward for being the Top Blogger of the Week and her winning entry will be published on MDM as a regular post!

...And as promised, the person who would correctly guess who the top blogger of the week will be through the comments will get the same prize as that of the winner! 

The lucky follower partner for the week is: 

You will be contacted within the day so you can get your prizes!

...Meanwhile, we all have to say goodbye to the following people...

Hotangel9, shiriniRoyale, fayasi & Princess__17

The whole of the MDM family wishes you luck in all your future endeavors. We all know this wouldn't be the last time we will be seeing all of you.

Thank you for sharing your talent to all of us.


  1. Wait what? I don't get how the elimination system works. Why is Larsa_gurl eliminated when she got in top 5?

  2. Ohh judges votes aswell!Okay I understand now. Congratz!

  3. Shit happens... Larsa_gurl wasn't eliminated.

    It's Hotangel9.

    Thank you Alice2078 for spotting that error.

  4. Thank you! And congratulations to Ladyagagmcqueen, she really deserved it. :)

  5. Well done and good luck to the final contestants...

  6. Congrats!!! What do we have as 3rd challenge? Xxx, lulita-15


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