February 24, 2011

Ask Dei I

Hi beautiful Dollywoodians :) Here I am to answer the first set of questions I have received! Here I go..

1. Do you have a Stardoll role model, from which you take inspiration?
- Well.. yes actually, but not just one, I have a few :) Like Isabella.Arci, I was always so amazed by the way she always flawlessly layers her outfits! And by Noelle_page(Noelle <3) who seems to be so classy and creative. And by Brit-on-me(Effay), I hate Taylor Momson, but I love his doll's style :D And I have many more.

 2. What do you do if you are in love with your Bestfriend , and you dont know how to tell him ?
  - Well, my suggestion is to find the right time to, don't rush your emotions and feelings just to ask a guy out. But don't lolly gag around! But you need to make sure first that you are really into him for the right reasons.

 3. Hi! :] I needed some advice! Well it might sound a bit nerdy but I am not doing too good in school. I got A's B's and two C's. My goal is to only get A's and B's. I think I am a bit too addicted to Stardoll! I still am going to play stardoll but what can   
- I guess you are asking how can you makes better grades? My thoughts is that you have to makes yourself not be so distracted. The older you get, the less help you will receive with doing your school work, so you need to maybe start planning when you do your work and when you roam around Stardoll.

 4. Would you say that there is hidden staff around stardoll? I remember when there was a time when poeple wonderd whether Cia was, and I thought that maybe you would have some ideas? x  

- Hmm, I have no clue. But my guess is that there is. But then again, Stardoll has a very lacking staff.

5. deidra how do i become known on stardoll?  
  .  Hey Dei! How do you become famous on stardoll?  
  .  hiii! do you have any advice for someone who wants to be a member of the stardoll "elite"? 
- To answer these 3 questions above.. It depends on you! From what I've seen over the years, most 'elites' or famous people are either drama queens, fashion icons, assholes, or entrepreneurs,  so to be honest, you will most likely need to do something related to those things to spark some fame. But please, if you really aim to be, you should try to be different. The same ol' same ol' will not get you very far.

6. Hello I was wondering how you are today? xD and I wanted to know what helped you discover your sense of individuality, your style?.. Thank you 
- I am lovely. :) And to be honest, I just went with the flow.. Like.. I believe you should just lead yourself to wherever is your forte, if you like to be girlie, emo, goth, jock, high fashion, be that way! Some people like to be a follower-er all their lives, and that is truly okay. But myself, I choose to be different, I strive to be innovative when it comes to everything. So just follow what you believe in. :) 

 7. What do you do if your friend is mean to you but is your best friend? 
- Tell them straight up about it. And if you don't have the courage to up front, then wait until a time when they do something offensive to you again, maybe say something like, "Hey.. I really don't like they way you treat me/have been treating me as a friend.. I know you like to joke around, but I not cool with you being that way with me anymore." And go along from there. If they don't like the message or don't take a hint, leave them alone for a while, give yourself space from them, if they really want you as a friend, they can ask for forgiveness.

8. Oh Dei I'd love advice, so I have this friend Brad whom I known since we were 4 and he tells me he likes me. Well that was 5 years ago and I turned him down because I wanted to remain friends, which was a bad idea because now I like him. What should I do?
-Weeelll, depends, is he taken? If not, then you should go for him! And you're telling me it was FIVE years ago?! Time heals wounds (and rejection), and you are young! As long as you are a good friend to him he should totally give you a chance.

9. Well, does this count for real life also? I need some boy advice.. I have my close friend, that I love like well, a brother, but he's gotten really close to me lately and it's weird, I've never been used to this. And, he knows I like girls more than guys

-Yes, if counts for real life questions too. :) Well.. you need to ask yourself, do I truly want him to be close to me? But if it is seriously weird to you, ask him is he trying to move in on you or maybe is he growing more feelings towards you, and well, talk about it.

10. where i can find a trustable page where i play to earn points so i can buy a superstar membership 

-To be honest, I knew of from when Dan posted on Perez Star Gossip before like a year or so ago, but honestly, I can't remember. Sorry :(


11. What inspired you to make the Classique Awards you must of never thought it would be so big ? - Destiny

 - Really, what inspired me was old Stardoll! Like the parties, the Star Awards, and drama, and so I wanted to create my own piece of that pie, ya know? And no, I never believe it would be as successful as it is :D

12. What is your favourite thiing about YOU? 

- Umm, my eyes I guess?

13. How did you become so amazing and creative?? 

-Haha, thank you for the compliment. But I guess because.. I was BORN THIS WAY.. (;

14. What (or who) is the biggest inspiration in your life?

- My mom. :) She is very brave and strong and I love her.

15. whats your favourite book? and what types of books do you prefer? 

- I don't really have a favorite book.. :O But I love books with drama, mystery, a nice plot, and maybe a romance or two. :)

16. What advice would you give a teenagers mum if her daughter were going depression and she wished for an easy fix?

- I believe they should be shown that life is okay. So maybe a nice trip or two to have fun! Or maybe a make-over? Something to boost their esteem since most times, depressed people have very low esteem.

17. Do you see yourself as a Elite?

- To be 100% honest, no..

18. What are your suggestions for someone who wants to start blogging about stardoll? 

- Try to do something different.. Really, blogging is fun, but if you do the same thing as everybody else, you will most likely get no where..

19. What's your life like? 

- Hmm, odd I guess. I don't really have some glamorous life style, but I would say its.. something interesting.. :)

20. are you a hacker? 

- HAHA! PUH-lease, I don't the first thing to being one! I am such a ditz! And pulse, I hate hackers and think whoever does it is the scum of the (Stardoll) Earth!

21. How do u become so awesome 

- Lol. If you are asking me, I have no clue.. But for yourself, just be yourself :D


22. why did you start going on stardoll? 

- Well, if you read my preeevious posts about myself, if was because I loved paper-doll dress-ups. :P

23. None of my Stardoll blogs get anywhere, because they never have any followers/popular enough. And when I auditioned to be a writer for MDM and other sites, I never got anywhere with that. How can I make my blogs successful? 

- Truly, if you ask me, I know the feeling. Blogs now-a-days are hard to get popular, unless you are extremely well known, or a good whore.. And really, its sad to see people try to blog ABOUT Stardoll, seriously, there are like thousands of blogs about the site.. So if you ask me, you need to do something innovative! Something you think no one has ever done before about the site! And then, get the word out :) 

24. Are you a man? 

- Laugh my ass off! No.

 That's all for now pretties! If you would like to ask me, Dei (To_Royal) something, ask below in the Formspring box!

Love, DEIDRA <3


  1. My question was number 6.I really enjoyed reading your answers and thank you for taking the time. I liked what you said and I feel like I can just be myself a bit more...

  2. Thanks for answering! I'll ask him, its a bit strange that he's acting like this. Maybe because he's graduating, and I'm not going to graduate for another year.. (I'm in secondary by the way.)


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