February 12, 2011

Dolly War: Lolita vs Anonymous

Somebody told me that there's a new war in dollywood.
The people who are involved?
Our very own, Lolita and an anonymous writer (Soulles Entity) from Stardoll's Most Hated Website.
The war took place on the comments section of Soulles' post in PSG called Soulles Entity whispers....about Lolita.

In this post, she bashes Lolita in a very rude way.
Here's a part of her post that made me hate her:

But that's not all, she also added some false informations about her: 
She said that Lolita begged Isabella to be a writer in MDM, that she lives in Miami, Baya created LOLita, and that she is a talentless writer. 

After this comment of Lolita to her post, she commented back fiercely:

The funny thing is that she's telling everyone that Lolita can't spell while she failed at spelling the words "you" and "that."

Of course, Lolita didn't back down and added more comments but this anonymous user isn't giving up too.
This war will never end.

My Conclusion:
Don't bash someone especially if you don't know who he/she is, cuz if you do you'll end up being the bad guy. 



  1. What she's done has been done before. But of course, a lot of people in Stardoll wants drama and she's getting some attention now because of that. I don't think she can sustain though.

    Her writing clearly is biased and her research sucks. I have a strong feeling she's one of the MDM girls.

  2. lolita's writing does and she is such a liar. I really like this soulles entity dude or chick....brining back the drama!

  3. I like miss_lolita she is nice and a really good writer, so what if she actually gives people her real response and feelings in her posts thats what people want and she can't help it if people call her an elite. That is the publics choice not hers.

    She shouldn't get bashed like this, its not fair to pick on individuals like this or anyone for that matter. The theories bit clearly shows that girl has too much time on her hands and of course Lolita wants fame or acceptance who wants to be hated.

    I was told just a few days ago by a friend of mine that Lolitas first language was not english and so sometimes she could seem quite blunt this I believe is the only reason she may seem to critical at times.

    Anyway I ahte bullying and I can;t stand to know People like Lolita is being trashed by people who have nothing better to do...

    Stay strong Lolita, Noelle, Stacy, Isabella, Jenna, Jenny,Bruno , Maggie, Gillian, Zoe and Chad.

    Some people don't appreciate your brilliance..

  4. You keep on asking for new elites but you keep on craving for more of these garbage writers like soulles entity, whose name by the way, doesn't make any sense and sounds a bit diabolic.

    I was expecting more from PSG and they came up with his / her? It's such a difference from Perez and I do hope Baya will make wiser choices next time and not bring that blog further to where it is already now.

  5. Thats horrible. Lolita is very nice, and i would never see her being "talentless" and a famewhore.
    Whoever is writing that false info really should stick to the facts.

  6. I've talked to lolita before, and in my opinion she is very nice.

    Sure, she might not be the best at writing, but, I've seen way worse..... But, i'm sticking with my statement.

  7. Lolita is to awesome for that ass-hole. Put it that way. :)

  8. OoO.
    The pages unfold
    the ugly side of anonymous
    and lolita

    Honestly i'm not taking any sides

  9. Lolita may be an acquired taste for many. But you know what, she's one of those few people whose got an amazing heart and a disposition you'd all eventually admire. She may have done things differently in the past but hey, she deserves all the respect she can get still.

    "Let he who has no sin cast the first stone..."

    Do i just hear silence?

  10. I always thought she was being bullied for no reason, but to give out personal information to those you hardly know (on the internet), that's something else. I can't support that.

  11. MissLolita_F is thee biggest bitch in the world and she deserves to be given piece of mind and whoever wrote that post on Stardoll's most hated in DEFINITELY CORRECT.


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