February 12, 2011

MDM's Next Top Blogger: 3rd Elimination and Raffle

And we are on to the 3rd weekly elimination!

After a few days we will be able to detrmine our TOP 9.
The challenges will be getting tougher and more exciting as a few surpirse (and unexpected) guests will drop by to pay our lovely finalists a visit.
So you all have to watch out for that!

Again, here's the challenge that was given by the one and only emorox4eva (aka Jenna):

You can read the posts of our finalists here:

Crystality - Zoey's Most Wanted

Lulita-15 - Most Wanted!

iswim19 - Most Wanted

Demi_lavato10 - I Want It All! WANT it. NEED it. Gotta get it.

pinkyglowdust - if FOUND, NAME your REWARD!!!

ColtonAttack - Most Wanted.

Ms.Pudzianowksi - WANT!

Larsa_Gurl - My MOST WANTED list.

Vote for whoever is the best here:

More than 1 person might get eliminated based on your votes and the judge's decision!

Also, just like the last time, tell us in the comments who you think will be this week's Next Top Blogger. One random person who guesses it correctly will be drawn from the comments and he or she will win 100 Stardollars!

So what are you waiting for?

Vote for your favorite NOW!


  1. I liked PinkyGlowDust's post.

    Haha, I was laughing at the part where she wants to be like Noelle_Page, but anything can happen!

  2. I liked TinkerTayzBells post! I liked it because it was a little different to the others

  3. Aww Thanks to whoever said that! ^^ But i dont know this week! I did it before i went to camp without thinking much of the purpose of the post.. so yeah i dont know!

    xoxo Tayy

  4. I liked Ms.Pudzianowski's post :) It was original!

  5. The LadyGaGaMcQueen's one is soooo good, so I really think that she deserves to win.

  6. OMG i had fun reading tinkerTayzbell 's post it was gr8 hope she wins

  7. Tinkertayzbell's wishlist was very good! Her wishlist was so hilarious and funny! I guess she has my vote!

  8. Iswim19 I just have a feeling she will be this week top blogger. :)

  9. All voted I loved the articles and had a good time reading them...Good luck

  10. I think that Crystality will become top blogger of the week

  11. Pinkyglowdust is very creative... If she didnt win, there might be a fiasco goin on in there. that's what a writer is... amazing mind


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