March 08, 2011


Seriously? Now, because of a certain someone (or in fact more likely some certain some ones) we should pass through all this steps to get to our account. It’s just crazy. I mean it’s not right for us to change everything we do on stardoll, the contests, the way we enter in our account, etc, etc…

Although and after all does HACKING stardoll claims to be safe. It gets funnier. People were able to bought more clothes than the ones permitted per day. At least stardoll admitted their error there.

Stardoll is reading our blogs. We all knew it already but they just confirmed it. WE CAN AND SHOULD fight back they know we are here, they know we are pissed…

BTW: here is the spoiler of my GROUP, if you haven’t followed please do and if you can post it in your own blogs ;)

Until next time


  1. Your spoiler is great^^ I will post it on a few blogs when I get the chance and good luck with the project.

    Hm stardoll at least are taking time to view our opinions and I hope they can hear our pleas for safety

  2. Wow, so many writers of MDM advertise their own projects in their posts!

  3. I know, this sucks!
    I love the spoiler!! Gorgeous, I really can't wait.

    @ .emma.x. : Can you honestly say that if you were a writer of MDM you wouldn't advertise either?

  4. For Bubblyminty

  5. You are the worst writer on this blog by far.

  6. Bruno, you are the worst on this blog. I don't know why you got hired.

    Aside from not being able to post often (thank God!), Everytime you do, it's just jumbled pieces of shit nobody can understand.

    This time though, you didn't even have the decency when you advertised your own project here on this blog.

    Sucks to be you.

  7. @iswim19

    Yeah I can honestly say that I wouldn't advertise if I wrote for MDM. I would be honoured enough to write for it and not advertise. I write for USD, the most followed stardoll blog and I haven't advertised once.


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