March 08, 2011

Tough Five: Tylerisbold

Time and time again, we meet different people from different walks of life.
Some people just pass by, becoming drifting memories or mere what ifs.

Others however tend to linger. 

They become a part of you, no matter how small, when they come and they take that piece of you with them as they go.

There are very few characters here on Dollywood that interests me. It seems as if the further I analyze their persona, the more complex they get.

I've always wanted to do this new segment of mine... i guess i just never had the chance to. Or in fact, maybe i was just too lazy to do it.


Tough Five.

Basically, Five questions.
Five questions i have always wanted to ask. 
Five questions YOU have always wanted to ask... but never got the guts to or never had any way to.

The questions get harder and harder. 
More personal. More in depth.
The interviewee would have to answer directly... or the option to walk out is always available.

As for you my dear reader. Just read between the lines... if you can.

Will Tyler go through all five... or will he walk out?

1. Do you think you are misunderstood here on Stardoll?

I feel that there are many misconceptions about me on Stardoll. People think I am artificial. Surprisingly, I am human and I do have a heart. I have been in numerous "media scandals" throughout the years I have had an account on Stardoll and I can say that some have been proven to be true and some, well, bullshit. I am considered to be the one that takes my projects "too seriously", but I find that label so much more awarding than the person that "does not give a fuck". I do care about my work on Stardoll I am not going to lie, there is no reason to. But when people come to the conclusion that this is all just "virtual", I tend to chuckle. When an article is published about me on any gossip blog based off of Stardoll, what does that tell you? I am not even sure myself where I am going with this, but I suppose I mean to say that non of us should point fingers. We made this world up. We have runway shows, we have gossip blogs, fame whores and elites. How can one single person be targeted for taking a site so seriously on a blog that survives on "Dollywood" and elite gossip? Everyone has created their own projects. In my opinion, people should have fun doing what they love and not be bullied for it. Limitless freedom.

2. Are there things you wished you have done differently on here?

As much as I would like to drag this response out, my answer is simply no. I do not have any regrets or wishes when it comes to doing anything differently.

3. Are there people in particular who you have resentments with and you think have judged you all too soon? 

I have learned to just let things go. I do not hold grudges and I am willing to make a relationship work with anyone. People that dislike me, can. I am not going to waste my time doing the same because it is not worth it - it really is not. I have matured overtime and whether people want to believe it or not, I do not care about that stuff anymore. I keep my opinions to myself most of the time.

4. You've started a lot of projects in the past and have been doing projects until now (Tyler's Top Models), are these projects for publicity or were they conceptualized for the benefit of other people mainly?

One of my most successful projects was Tyler's Top Trends, but it was not even about me. It was about trends and things related to Stardoll fashion. I know the title of the blog has my name labeled across it, but I am after all - the founder. I really used it to help support up-and-coming projects, to inform, and to educate. My latest project, Tyler's Top Models has nothing to do with me either. Despite its' name, we focus on getting our models featured in the top magazines of Stardoll, as well as, runways and editorials.

5. Once and for all, would you like to address and put a closure on the "Tyler Scandal"?

It is completely false. I am not trying to win anyone over, believe what you want...


As of the present time, Tyler is a writer for the official Stardoll Blog and has launched Tyler's Top Models Agency. 

The agency's press tour will be starting within the week and the official kick off will be in no other than the official Stardoll Magazine.

As part of the tour, "pieces" of a larger poster were distributed amongst different blogs. 


  1. I'm excited to see how this turns out!

  2. He never answered the last question. Those were his pictures.

  3. Yes he did :D

    He clearly said it was 'false', meaning faux or a FAKE scandal. Duhh.

  4. Tyler just goes on and on and on. I believe those were his pictures too.

  5. Tyler just goes on and on and on. I believe those were his pictures too.

  6. I really want to find all of the pieces :) I like this segment idea it is very new and lets you see a how each person responds

  7. He doesnt even regret being caught masterbating for old men?

    This has potential, just pick people who are interesting and It could work, Tyler is not interesting anymore.

  8. I loved reading it- unlike many interviews, this one had more though-provoking and interesting questions :).

  9. I hope the questions could have been more direct. It's understandable for a first one though. I want to see somebody walk out. LOL!

  10. I love the idea of just 5 questions.

    You can easily see through Tyler. Especially when he was asked if majority of his projects are just for publicity, everybody can see through his answer.

    Of course it's just to satisfy his famewhoring urges. The modelling agency wouldn't even do well I bet.

  11. This definitely has some promise. If it weren't Tyler, this will be a great post.

  12. Wow, this new segment is great;O I want to see someone walk out on a question...exciting:D

  13. bubblyminty your opinion means nothing, if Noelle posted pictures of her shit you would claim it art and shit on a plate and take pictures to emulate her.

    You are a brown noser and a joke, hopefully Perez fires you on Perez where you post as Soulless Entity.

  14. Interesting new segment. The subject isn't.


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?