April 14, 2011

A Party For You!

Hello, remember me? Dei, remember?!

I feel like a ghost, I've been 'around' but not really, I have been so occupied lately, its ridiculous!

So here is my month to just relax! Hence why.. this month for the Classique Awards, there are no awards ceremony.. I don't think its anything to be sad over but still, I like to update you guys so you know. They will be back for May though, so stay tuned!

And so, for your sake, so we all can take a break from being all formal and dressed up, I am throwing this party for TCA and for YOU guys! :D

(click to enlarge)

I am sorry if you feel like I am 'whoring myself', but honestly, I'm not! I only want to have an event for everyone to enjoy themselves and have fun with this fun theme and with fun people! Is that so bad?

By the way, the theme IS talking about being/dressing in the nude, like you're nude, nature-like, or hardly dressed! (But in a classy way)

There will be a two lists for outfits: classy and nasty. try your best to be close to nude and still be classy! (but really, you don't have to dress as the theme to go! Only if you want to be on the list)

Hope you can come :)

Love, Dei

P.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. (it was yesturday, hee hee)


  1. Happy belated b-day!

    I look forward to the party!

  2. Happy Birthday Dei! You weren't on skype so I never got to say it (:

  3. Happy birthday!:D And I'm getting ready for the theme already;)

  4. Oh, happy birthday, girl!
    Awesome, I am super excited for the party :D

    Nour xoxo

  5. Its my birthday in may! Can't wait. Happy birthday Dei I saw it on stardolls most wanted .

    This sounds good, I don't know if I will go dresses for the theme mine would probably miss classy by a mile and more

  6. Happy birthday :) Hope you had fun :) I am looking forward to the party :)

  7. Happy birthday (even though i don't know you ) :D by the way my birthday is on 23rd may !!!

  8. Happy Birthday! xD

    The party should be interesting..

  9. Then Happy early early Birthday Anon! hee hee

  10. thnnxxxx for sayin happy birthayday dei !!! I hate my birthday because for many years in a row something bad would happen on my birhtday so i hate my birthday !!! :D hehe

  11. The nude theme is just an excuse for you to be really trashy.

  12. @Regin@Bi@tch SHUT UP if you don't like the post or you are against it why comment and commenting negative things is a WASTE OF TIME !!!

  13. Trashy? Haha. What a laugh. I am far from it.

  14. happy birthdaay!! im getting ready 4 the theme!! x :)

  15. Who brought items from le ??? i brought 185 stardollars from there !!! heheh :D


    Stardoll user name :- nazanin1990

    DON'T FORGET TO VISIT ME !!! hehe :D and my birthday is on 23 rd may hehe i don't hav a blogger account so sometimes i write anon ot i don't write at all .



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