May 05, 2011

The Royal Wedding

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I apologize for not posting as frequently as I should, will try to fix this problem. For now, enjoy this post of the Royal Wedding. So, as most - if not all - of you know that the Royal Wedding was on the 29th of April 2011. Prince William married Kate Middleton which was a commoner. After dating for about 10 years, having known each other for so long, after having fights, break-ups and make-ups the two finally decided to get married.

On this glorious day, we got to see so many people attend with their outrageously fashionable hats and accessories. This was certainly the day to witness who was fashionable, and who committed a crime. Take for example these pictures:

During the Fashion police, there was a comment about Tara Palmer's hat. Joan Rivers, the host of the Fashion Police said it looked like a Vagina. As much as I would like to disagree I just cant. I mean look at the thing. Total fashion crime when it comes to dressing up as a sex organ (Ahem)...The fifth in line to the throne Princess Beatrice of York wore a nude colored hat that perfectly matched her outfit for the day was compared to Ovaries. I mean yes, also inappropriate but still you just cant not agree!

Anyway, the wedding was fabulous. I loved the countdown whereas the groom (Prince William) and his brother Prince Harry came to the church, then came the mother of Catherine and then the queen and so on until it came the time whereas Catherine would finally get into the car and go to the church where the ceremony begins. They all came in wonderful Bentley and Rolls-Royce cars.

The highlight of the wedding was when Catherine went out of the car and showed us her amazing dress. The dress is a - as I believe it is - custom made dress by Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen. The dress is beautiful because of its simplicity. The main designs were at the bottom of her outrageously long dress and in her hands. Not to forget the amazing crown she wore.

Alexander McQueen as a brand has made so many wedding dresses and they all look spectacular. They look so classical yet very edgy, and that is why I think Catherine Middleton has made an insanely right choice in choosing Alexander McQueen for her wedding dress. Take a look at all the dresses that I found splendid:

Prince William is now a married man and I wont be surprised if in a few months or a year would be a father. Don't worry girls, there's still Prince Harry! Um, I think I like Prince Harry More anyway *deletes all the pictures of Prince William on computer*

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  1. I love your writing on here and Editorialized.

    It's a shame you rarely have time to post on USD.


  3. To anonymous:
    If you cannot read you cannot comment, please take the time and re-read that paragraph and focus on where I said Joan Rivers commented saying so and thinking about what she said I cannot help but agree. Agreeing to a statement does not make you dirty minded, it just opens you up to visualizing something in a different way. If Joan Rivers hadn't brought it up I wouldn't have even spotted it out from all the hundreds of attendees.

  4. I rememebr when these two princes were just kids... who would ever thought that the lanky Harry would grow up to be uber hot?!

    I love the "Cinderella" twist to this story. Kate went to her wedding as a commoner (that's why she refused to be taken to the church on a carriage) and come out as Royalty. LOVE!

  5. Oh Harry.
    If,on the odd chance that you do read Memoires of a Medoll, I'd like to tell you I'm single, and this could be us one day.

    Think about it.

  6. Maggie you are back ^^

    I think a designer named Tracey made all those hats.

    I loved Kate's dress, to me it was perfect and an Alexander Mcqueen dress, how could you go wrong.

    Aw, Harry better be careful, so many girls after him :D

  7. I vowed when I was 9 years old I would marry Harry, and I made a wish on it after burying a dead ladybird (my friend told me that if I buried it, and made a wish, it'd come true when I turned 19) 4 more years to go.... ;)

  8. Harry is in a relation with Chelsy Davy. Just saying.

  9. What stuck out for me here is seeing Tara the crazy god daughter of prince Charles. She did some reality shows in UK & was also a presenter a few years ago. I wondered what she was up to, she looks great (didn't watch it). As for Joan Rivers I like her as a jewellery designer not a comedian, her partnership makes beautiful costume jewellery.

  10. I mean crazy in a good way.

  11. I definitely agree that those hats were the worst hats of the whole wedding... Though there WERE more hideous ones that I couldn't bare to look at! s;

    Kate did look stunning though, but now I am kind of bored looking at the dress she wore after seeing it SO many times everywhere :P

    Great post Maggie... Keep the awesome work up ;)

  12. Just saying, Prince Harry is way hotter than his brother ;)

  13. Lol xD The hats do look terrible :S Kinda looks like a bug on her head or something :/
    Kate's dress was amazing! Love how it was so simple as well (:

  14. They were together off and on, for 8ish not ten years. I always like Harry, even though he got in trouble a lot. His girlfriend, could of look better for the wedding. Pippa look hot though. But there are other Royals out there.

  15. Ah, I wish I lived somewhere where there was royalty...

    Glad to have you back Maggie!

  16. I think you should've mentioned that Katherine's dress was inspired by Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco's, dress. With the lace sleeves, silk bustier, and sheer veil. And also, I think they should've sewn a longer hem, inspired by Princess Diana.

  17. i think the best dressed was the queen


  18. @Anon.

    It actually IS 10, so dude, get your facts straight.
    Maybe try reading newspaper?

  19. I love your post!!

    This wedding was like a fairytale. Kate looked amazing--and there were no ugly stepsisters. I think you have to admit Pippa looked amazing!

  20. Actually the hats were designed by PHILIP TREACY so stfu stupid evermore2girlshitass.

    And sillygirlidiot, He split up with Miss Davy ages ago. Get yout fucking facts right.

  21. While before the wedding Chatherine didn't have any titles, she wasn't exactly a mere commoner. Her parents own a million pound business and were rich enough to send all their children to fee-paying schools throughout their educations and Catherine also went to St Andrew's University.

  22. @Alba:
    Yes, but in the eye of a royal, any person who has no title is a commoner and so, it has become a something everyone says now.


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