July 28, 2011

Slice of Life

Usually I post about Stardoll related subjects here. But today I am posting about an experience I had in real life, recently. 

A few days ago after I left work, I came home to change out of my chef coat and pants, as well as to get a shower. After my shower, I dressed for the hot weather in a tank top and a pair of skinny jeans.  Then I got in my car and drove to the mall for some retail therapy. Upon arrival, I window shopped for a while and bought a few things I have had my eye on for a while. Before heading back home to relax, I decided to make a pit stop at a great pretzel shop in my mall. After I had my pretzel, I sat down and enjoyed it while I checked some emails on my phone. When I was preparing to clean up my table and leave, a woman about the age of forty approached me. There aren't many reasons I could think of as to why someone I didn't know would approach me, especially someone like this woman. She was with a friend of about the same age. And when I acknowledged her, she simply gave me a dirty look and said that I should be ashamed of myself. Quite confused I asked what she was talking about. She then gave me a look-over and told me that I was going straight to Hell for marking my body with tattoos. And that I had been infected with Satan's ink. I don't believe in God, so I wasn't particularly worried about going to Hell or being infected. However, I was quite offended that some woman that I didn't know, who also didn't know me would have the audacity to approach me in public and criticize me for the choices I make. 

I have eight tattoos. All of which I treasure. And one in which I had done as a memorial to my mother. The idea that this woman would feel the need to "damn" me to the fiery depths of Hell really pissed me off. She went as far as to say that my mother should have raised me better. With that comment I became enraged. And before I could stop myself, I dove into a rant about how I didn't believe that God existed, and that if he did, she would surely being going to Hell with me because her attitude stank like million-year-old dinosaur shit. And that if she spoke negatively about my mother once more I was going to rip her heart out and shove it up her ass. Of course this only makes her think even less of me than she already did. Not to mention, by this time, the mall security was heading my way. And when I tried to explain to him why I was so angry, he escorted me out of the mall. By the time I got to my car I was plotting my vengeance on that evil woman.

Today, I woke up and got to work by 4am, like I usually do. The staff and I began to prepare breakfast for the hotel guests. But by the time everything was ready, our waiters and waitresses were still in a meeting with management about proper customer service. So the kitchen staff and myself had to deliver the meals to our guests. And as I walked into the dining area, I saw the woman from the mall. My heart began to race, and I wondered that if she noticed me, would she try to get me fired from my job. I was so nervous that I almost turned around and went back into the kitchen. And then the idea that she would try to get me fired really pissed me off. So instead of going back into the kitchen I kept walking towards her table. When I got there and she noticed me, her eyes went wide, and I had a right mind to shove the plate of food in her face. But instead, I pretended like I didn't know her. I set her food down and went back to my job. 

I hope to never see that woman again. Not only do I hate the very idea of her existence, I hate the idea that people have the nerve and pretentious mindset to deem what's right and wrong in this world. And I despise the idea of someone passing judgment on someone they don't know. Most people associate the idea of tattoos and piercings with rebellious behavior. Yet that doesn't always ring true. In two years I will be a college graduate. I have always had a steady job. I have good morals and character. And for the most part, I have always been a pretty decent person. My tattoos aren't a reflection of rebellion. They are a reflection of beauty.

Have you ever had someone judge you before they got to know you? 
How did you react?


  1. What the fuck? Aislin, your too kind. If I were you, I'd spit in her food. Then watch her eat it. What a prick. I would have shot her, jk.

  2. Good for you for not letting her get the better of you. People like that are a wast of time. it is YOUR body, and your decisions. i agree with you about tattoos, they are an artistic expression and can be highly symbolic and important to those who wear them. i would like a tattoo of my own when i reach 16, and i would be horrified if anyone treated me differently because of it.

  3. That person is definetly way to childish for her age! If I were an adult, I wouldn't go up to some person and start dissing them about who they are... (even though that person is religious with strong beliefs, she should respect that others believe different things... for one, I don't hold a strong place in my heart for religion, I'm more of a person without a religion... but I still do believe in god... not like he has these great powers, but I know he made this world to what we are today) but anyways back on topic, this person is just an example of those snotty people who don't care who you are, they just care about themselves, that is just a wrong thing to do otherwise. I've gotten judged TOO many times in real life, since I am shy in real life, I most times am judged as a snobby person, and it hurts.

  4. Personally I don't like tattoos, but I understand that if someone has them then it is there choice and there isn't anything I can do and I wouldn't try to stop them anyway because it's not my body. But since when has having tattoos been a sin anyways? And since when has it been someone else's right to go up to someone and 'condemn them to hell' and just basically think that they should have input on a COMPLETE STRANGERS life. I'm not religious but from spending time at a christian school I understand this.

    To judge someone is a sin, so if tattoos are a sin and you will be sent to hell, she's going to be joining you there for that one.

    Tattoos can be removed, but you cant change who you are.

  5. I believe in God, but I'd never say that to anyone? Who aid tattoos were Satan's ink? Sick

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  7. That women has no rights to judge you because of your tattoos, it's your body and I agree that tattoos (especially if they have a meaning) are beautiful in their way even if I haven't got one and actually I'm not thinking about having one I do not judge people who has them.

    I have been judged before person got to know me as well and I know how it feels. It was like the random Stardoll girl from Lithuania found some random photos of me and decided to make some posts in her stupid blog. The best part was the thing that she never asked me anything the facts about me which she posted in those articles were like randomly created by looking at those pictures and even if it doesn't sound as bad actually it hurt my feelings anyways, because by these posts she wanted to tell to everyone that I am like worse than anyone and it was like I don't have a right to play Stardoll and even maybe to live.

    I just thought I will write about it, since it's one of a lot of situations when someone judges me before they get to know me, even if nobody's going to read my comment.

  8. That's seriously wrong, she's got no right to judge you. I got one tattoo, and I'd hate to be treated like that, I'm kinda scared too, but you are right, it is art.

  9. That is awful. It's horrible how she told you that you were goiung to hell! I am religious , nevertheless I would never say that to another human being! What she did was rude and dissrespectful. Good for you though, don't let these idiotic people get you down :)

  10. Who does she think she is?!
    If anyone deserves a spot in hell it's her for being a judgemental bitch!
    Ugh!! It makes me so angry to know that ppl think they're better based on outward appearances. What do tattoos have to do with belief in god?!??

    She deserved to get her ass royally kicked.

  11. Why did she attack you if she had like, no idea who you are? Don't judge a book by its cover would be a good thing to tell that woman.
    If I had an experience like this? It was exactly yesterday, when I drove to that village where my best friend lives. So I was waiting for her and sitting on an kinda wall opposite her house, when I saw an older man with an dog walking in the direction of mine. Because I'm scared of dogs I jumped off the wall and grabbed my bike, and then the man came to me, I was all like wtf, but then he started to spek. He asked me why the hell do I dye my hair (it was obvious it's died, my roots grew a pair centimeters already), and that I shouldn't do that because the dye is spreading devil's poison in my brain literally. I sat on my bike ready to ride away, the man kept screaming to me how ugly I am, that no guy will like me because of my hair. All I said was that I don't fuc*ing care and I rode away. It's obvious he was drunk, but really? He was like 60 and he's being violent to teens, which he doesn't even know, holy crap.

  12. if she said anything about my mother i would have just about killed her right on the spot. she has no right to say anything like that. you made a life choice to get tattoos so that's none of her business to tell you that you going to go to hell. i think that's damn right rude tbh and she's being disrespectful to you.
    i've gotten judged so many times it's unreal. i think if people have the time to judge you, they're not worth your time. but judging someone is like a predetermind thing. when we see someone, we automatically think something about what they look like, talk like, what clothes they were. we judge them as soon as we see them. but she was out of line when she said those things to you.

  13. Why would she even do that? She doesn't know you at all, has no idea what the tattoos are from or for.
    I was interested in what the bible said about tattoos so I looked it up and it says tattoos are bad because they can link to witchcraft, but I think that was only in the past, when it was to show you were in a cult, a witch or a pirate.

    Times have changed and no-one should go around preaching like that, I am not picking on Christians as any religion may do it, but your beliefs are exactly that, your own, not for you to force onto someone else or insult with.

    I am sorry she said those things about your mother, she clearly has some home problems herself or something. It showed your strength of character when you just served her and didn't react.
    Dumb security guard he was just in the wrong, taking an older womans side instead of actually listening to what happened.

  14. Stereotypical hoe.
    Just because somebody has tattoos, doesn't mean they're bad or come from a bad background. I have 2 tattoos, doesn't mean I'm this trash talking whore.

    Aislin, you're far too kind for people like them. People like that honestly disgust me.

    And you proved how proffessional you are at the restaraunt. Even though you really wanted to do something, you didn't.

    If I was at the restaruant, I would have threw the food in her face for you.

  15. That is plain wrong. No one deserves to be treated like that. I honestly would not get any tattoos, but I respect people who have them, because a lot of them have an amazing meaning behind them. If anyone is damned to hell, that should be her for being a judgmental bitch who doesn't even know you. You're a kind heart Aislin :)

  16. Wow, that's quite an ordeal there. I'm fairly certain you didn't exaggerate on anything either, since you put some blame on yourself. I must say though, I agree with you, and all of your actions. I can't believe that some random woman actually had the nerve to tell you that your appearance symbolized evil. Appearance means next to nothing to me, and it just churns my stomach to think that this woman was horrible enough to care.

    I used to have an underlip piercing, and I was ridiculed by the teachers in school all the time. I hate to go all "rebellious teenager", but it actually made me lose my top that the principal made me put a huge plaster, meant for people's knees, with Spiderman on it, right over my new piercing because I couldn't remove it yet. I got slagged off all the time because of it, and it was really horrible.

    I also think it's super sweet that you got a tattoo for your mother.

    Stay strong!

  17. OH MY GOSH

    That is crazy Aislin!

    And yeah, of course I have been judged before I was better known...

    I use to be teased and bullied a lot and I didn't even know why.

  18. Wow, I woulda killed that bitch. God is not ture, and iidots only believe in that shit.

  19. ^ I'm not a Chistian either, but I'm not a complete tard that slags off other people because of their religion. It's people like you that have ruined society.

  20. There's no were in the bible that says, "thou shall not ink thyself with tattoos..". So that woman needs a foot up her ass.

  21. That's HORRIBLE! You should be able to express yourself anyway you please! Whether it be on your body or on a canvas. Tattoos are art. Simply Art.

  22. I am assuming you're in the USA. If so, I must say that people like this woman is exactly what's wrong with this country. The so-called "Christian" right has taken over state and federal governments, bringing their hate and intolerance along with them.

    BTW, I was so GLAD to see that you did NOT let that woman get to you. You absolutely did the right thing. I'm wondering if I could have done that were I in your circumstances. You're now a new hero to me!!

  23. I would have told her flat out "You Selfless Bitch. These are a memorial of my dead fucking mother. Next time get your facts straight." Then told her off a bit more. Then after security escorted me out with no indications it was your fault.I would contact managment and give them an earful over how this woman had verbally attacked you, and you were the one sent out.

    You are so strong, and a def. rolemodel. People like me,look up to you. That's how amazing you are. Don't let some stiff lipped, jack ass tell you who you are and where you'll go. I may be Christian, but I want tattoos, I cuss, and I have multiple piercings. And I'm not going to let society rule my life anymore.

    All thanks to you,I grew up today, from a child into a more understanding person.

    You are amazing.

    Never forget that.

  24. People like this are closeminded assholes. I have a tatoo of a little firework on my ankle as a memorial to my father. It would truly piss me off if someone came up to me and told me I'd be going to hell for remembering my father.

    Goddamn religious nuts. Not that I have anything against religion, I think it's a great thing, but sometimes people 'dilute' what things are said in the Bible and change the definitions to what they think it means.

    Aislin, we just have to keep our heads above this, people are just assholes sometimes.

  25. That was an amazing post! :) Whata bitch tattoos are gorgeous I would thrown her food in her face..

  26. First of all, Plenty of Christians at my church have tattoos!!! God, my PASTOR has a tatoo!!!! I will bet the entire time she was judging you, God was sitting in Heaven with a giant book and put a giant check next to her name to send her to Hell for being so judgmental, rude, and ridiculing an innocent teen.

    Honestly I would laugh at her, stand up, and be like. "Their fake you old hag, all but this one."
    And shown her the memorial tatoo.
    "Are you going to tell me making a memorial for my mother is wrong?!" Then I would have gathered my things and stormed off, flipping her off in the process.

    WHat did she expect to come from this!?
    You sayingg "Ohmy, you are so right. Please, pray for me, take me to a doctor to have thiis devil ink removed. Cleanse me oh dear saint!!" I mean seriously,it was like she was LOOKING for a fight!! The sad thing is, does she do thiss to every person with a tatoo?

    God, someone needs to get the devil out of HER.

  27. Wow.I think you earned a bit more control over your emotions after your rant. You didn't say anything about the woman at work,and that gives me a greater respect for you. What that woman did shows a great ignorance. I know several Christian people who have tattoos, and I think they are beautiful. They're mostly nature pieces, but one of my friends has one of her mother's first name with her ashes mixed into the ink.

  28. First I do agree with the fact that what happened to you, Aislin, was horrible and beyond rude. However.

    I find it so annoying to scroll through the comments and see things like people screaming religious ass holes or any of the other various attacks on religion particularly Christianity.

    There are certain people who are Christians that believe that way yes, but to damn all religion over one womans beliefs is incredibly stupid, childish, and guess what! Closeminded.

    I am a professing Christian and personally have no problem with tattoos but because this one apparently very.opiniated woman did something stupid im supposed to scream "OMG I hate Christians!!!" ?

    The fact is that we all have a right to our opinions and beliefs, especially in the USA, we can pretty much say anything we like. So that very.....special...woman has a right to her thinkings in the same way Aislin has a right to believe differently.

  29. That woman had no right! People really need to think before they act...

  30. Aw, Aislin, that sounds so sad! I don't blame you for acting the way you did and I think you handled yourself well while you were at work.
    However, I do agree with Rikki. It's irritating reading through comments that are so hypocritical. The woman that you encountered was obviously in the wrong but then we go and start calling her names and saying things that are completely out of line as well. The last time I checked, handling a situation like this makes us look just as bad as the woman who said those awful things about you- well at least that's how I see it. ;)

  31. I hate that type of Christian/catholic.
    My fathers side of the family is catholic, my mothers side is church of England. I wasn't raised in a religious household, but my school (which is a public school, NOT a private religious school) had scripture for 2 hours a week. All I was taught in those "classes" was to be racist, non-accepting of others and to hate anybody who didn't believe in god.

    I never believed in that sort of view, so one day i had the courage to point out a few, well lets says, myths, about god, and how most of it was probably untrue. Well, he got a bit mad but it showed me the type of people some of those types can be. Not all of them of course, I know some christian and catholic people, and like me, they are accepting and do not go around saying they are right and anybody who doesn't think the same is wrong. They actually accept that not everybody's going to believe the same thing.

    I converted to buddhism about two years ago and havn't been happier since. I've always been accepting of others, and now I can actually feel proud for doing so :)

    Wow, that was a long comment, but I think I got my point across. Oh, and don't think of religion as being racist against others, just be kind and accepting, because racism is just not a good look :/

  32. I honestly can't believe that the woman would approach you so easily, and not have the conscience, nor the heart, to think about why you had the several tattoo's and their meaning.
    Our society is so fucked today; I would never approach a stranger and tell them I disliked their 'evil' tattoos and it was the devils ink. If I was in your situation, and she spoke about my mother in any awful way, that bitch wouldn't be breathing. It's awesome that you have the self control to ignore her and not waste your time on her. I can't believe that the security guards escorted you from the mall, without listening to your tale. Because of your tattoos, which is actually discrimination. They had no right to kick you out due to the fact you were defending yourself against a stupid woman who has no life, nor heart. I personally don't like tattoos, but that bitch is heartless. I also think you should complain to the owners of the mall, it's unfair that she could approach you and damn you to hell.
    I am Christian, but I don't think tattoo's are even bad. I personally wouldn't get one [maybe the Southern Cross or a star] but she had no right to judge. A majority of Christians are really good people. Most people can't even tell I'm a Christian, I swear too much and I don't pray to God everyday. Good luck with your future endeavors, Aislin. xx

    - shewasonceit


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