July 28, 2011

New Modeling Opportunity! Too Good To Be True?

Hey guys! I am back again with another modeling opportunity! But is it truthful?
When I was wondering around blogs, in a comment section on Perez Hilton of Stardoll I saw this anon comment that caught my eye.

So when I pasted the link, I saw this photo:

 The photo shows the prizes being pretty much a new closet filled with LE, Antidote, DKNY, HotBuys, Rares, a RealCeleb clothing item, and said to even have more than that! In addition to 700 Stardollars and 500 Starcoins!

Now THAT'S a good prize, but.. is it true? I mean really, I am sure a lot of members already have all of those things listed above, but does it mean they will give it up for prizes? I think, hell no.

So then I just ignore this and go about my blogging ways and I saw a post on the ICON Agency blog, and guess what I see? This!


A different graphic? Huh, odd, right? But instead this one takes away the whole bit about DKNY, HotBuys, LE, and et cetra. By the looks of it the first one and this newer one must be from the same person, but maybe they aren't so willing to give up their precious items? 

BUT, when I visited the club, it indeed told me in fact that she IS giving all that was listed above, as well a new Superstar subscription. So this IS the prize of a Stardoll lifetime!

 But anywho, this post is to post about new and great modeling opportunities!

So if you want to audition for 'Audrey's Next Top Model', owned by audreyxbeth, then click HERE for the club, and click HERE to visit the blog!

Love, Dei

P.s. For fits and giggles..


  1. Seems like a fantastic competition, something in my head is telling me theirs something odd going on. Maybe it's just me being to cautious, I'll probably eneter anyway :)

  2. An old saying, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true." This has to be a hoax. I've not been to the blog or club yet. I'll wait to see how someone reports on this.

    Thanks for the very interesting post! These are the kinds I like and are, I'm sure, the most difficult to produce.


  3. WTF is wrong with that graphic... one eye is brown and the other is blue.

  4. If you read the second graphic, which I made it said INCLUDES 700 sds and 500 scs...It doesnt say just that I was just pointing out the best thing. But the first graphic was made by Lulla96 but I thought it was to plain so I re did it to make it look good, and I used the graphic that Sofi made of Audrey. But the point, is that the prizes are still the same...

    BTW Linda, that would be called Heterochromia, it's completely normal. Audrey has it so she expressed it on her doll which is hawt.


  5. No one said it was pointing out anything so calm your panties.

  6. My panties are calmed. But your whole post was about that....so you were pointing it out..?

  7. Nothings going on, I'm honestly just starting a modeling competition and yes that's the prize. I'm a respected member who hasn't been involved with scandals of any sort, scammed anyone nor hacked and has the utmost respect for everyone. Personally i've gotten sick of stardoll being so boring so I need something to do and i want this to be a fun and fantastic opportunity for a lot of people, i'm not going to leave anyone out. It's open for anyone and yes the prizes may sound too good to be true, but if you look around my suite a little you can see I've got the stuff to back it up and later today i'm going to be unveiling part of the wardrobe for first place.. i'm working busily.

    The club is up, you haven't heard of it because it's brand spankin new.
    It's on my page so go check it out and enter!

    As for everyone else, sign up, go have fun.. there will be a competition for scenery up later today with a prize of 100 sd and a tribute dress. (:

  8. My whole post was most certainly not about saying 'ITS A BIG SCAM, DON'T JOIN'

    I pacifically said that when I went to the comp's club it did in fact back up the prizes, so suck it.

    Suck it hard.

  9. @To_Royal
    I appreciate you writing a post and i'm glad we cleared up some misunderstandings, I respect you as a person and I don't want any drama between anyone. I can understand why people would be confused with two graphics.
    Thank you for reporting and giving my club a little limelight, i'm overly excited for it to start.

  10. specifically** LOL I suck at spelling

  11. @audreyxbeth - I never intended on drama in the first place.

    It was obvious that SOMEONE didn't read my post.

    But really, I wish your project the best :)

  12. @To_Royal
    Don't pick on Patrick ):
    I adore him to pieces, he's a really good friend and I'm glad he stood up for me when he thought it was wrong.
    He's a fantastic person and a terrific friend, he went the extra mile to help me and that's what a real friend is. Thank you so much for best wishes on my project it means a lot.

  13. It's true Jana! It says this in the club pres: First place: 700 Stardollars plus a brand new wardrobe filled with LE, Antidote, DKNY including first season pieces, hotbuys, RARES, one RC, Tribute clothings and much more, 500 SC, an exclusive modeling contract, SS membership if non-ss and n exclusive graphic to always stay on audreysnexttopmodelsd.blogspot.com.

    2nd Place: 400 Stardollars, 25 new pieces of clothing and a modeling contract.

    3rd place: 200 stardollas and ten pieces of clothing.

  14. Gosh Deidra, your posts frankly suck.

    They never seem to be remotely interesting. You post about random shit- then scold others when they tell you that you go off topic.

    I dislike the way you write; your layout and grammar is a mess.

  15. Thank you, your opinion is taken to heart :)

    But doesn't mean I will follow it <3

  16. OH, and also my MDM post header is 'Advice AND Babble' soooooo


  17. I really like Dei's posts and I think it's okay that she made a post about those graphics which actually makes to confuse about the prize.
    @Unspoken.Reality, if you don't like Dei's posts then find something else to do instead of reading and commenting them, because nobody's perfect... even you :)

  18. Dei was just trying to make us aware of something, why is that a bad thing?

    I am glad it is cleared up now and I might sign up :)

  19. Well, Graphic is stolen by someone. But prizes... Not true.

  20. I love lulla96's invite/spoiler/ad better, Patricks is much more plain and ugly.


    sofi can make stardoll graphics because she has talent...

    All Patrick is good for, is making really poorly made word graphics that look like horse shit. A.k.A he couldn't make a stardoll graphic to save his life :)!!!

    If anyone wants to have a good laugh, visit Patrick's graphic blog, I know I laughed at the poorly made recoloured shit!!! =)

  22. thanks for drawing my attention to this! so excited, entered today =]


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