October 25, 2011

Kasia is an Autistic Mental Case & Deidra is a Total Bitch

Gossip is a very fragile subject, and must be written with care and precaution. More importantly the information should be written with as little bias as possible. We are only human, so standing with both feet on neutral ground isn't always easy. However, there is no need for one to people completely one-sided.

I'm sure most of you have read the post made about Deidra(To_Royal) and Kasia(Undamyumbrellla), over at PSG. Who can blame Jack for attempting to turn any sort of Stardoll news into juicy gossip? No one. We're all in desperate need of a gossip fix. But slandering the name of one person and sucking the shit from the arse of another isn't the way to go about it.

I want to say, before I go into details, that Deidra is one of my greatest friends on this website. She has never treated me badly. She is by no means a "total bitch" as Jack stated in his post. Kasia is also a good friend of mine, as far I am a concerned. When I chose her as covergirl for Risqué, I had quite a few long and in depth conversations with her. Where I learned that while she isn't your average Stardoll member, she isn't some mental case. She has her quirks, as we all do. Her quirks just may be a bit quirkier than others. And in my eyes, there is nothing wrong with that.

In Jack's post, he commented on the multiple comments Kasia left in Dei's guestbook yesterday. Saying that he believes Dei really did something to upset Kasia. He also goes on to say that he knows Deidra isn't the kindest person, and he has seen her being rude other Stardoll members.

I find this funny because I can remember many times where Jack has been an absolute asshole to people for no reason. I'm sure you've all been to at least one Stardoll event where Jack was present. Maybe when the two of you are chatting alone, he is this really funny guy who is nice to you. But when he has an audience to perform for, he throws your ass under the bus. It's happened to me, it's happened to Dei, and I'm sure if you've been friends with him, it has happened to you at some point. 

As you can see in the image above, these comments aren't really out of the ordinary for Kasia. One might even assume that Kasia was joking when she wrote these words. The story goes something like this:

Yesterday I was talking with Dei on Skype. And she mentioned that Kasia had spammed her guestbook. obviously, I asked why. And she tells me that when she got back onto her laptop, Stardoll was still up and it reconnected her to Stardoll chat. Kasia chatted her commenting on the lack of people online as of late. Kasia also spoke about being lonely. Dei later told her that she was logging off because she had to go do something. She also worried that Kasia may not have seen that message.

In my opinion, Dei did nothing wrong. She is not obligated to act as a personal therapist and remain available at all times. Though I have seen her show compassion to even the worst members of Stardoll. Reece is a prime example. When everyone is against him, Dei doesn't join in. They don't have matching best friend bracelets, but she doesn't put him down for absolutely no reason.

Kasia also wasn't to blame. Either she was just joking, or in her eyes, Dei left without saying goodbye. And while she felt lonely and vulnerable, she pleaded for Dei to return.

This situation is just the result of a misunderstanding. Something that I am sure can, and probably already has been, worked out by both Dei and Kasia.


  1. Well that was a slight bit bitchy saying I am the worst member of stardoll *cries*

  2. If I remember rightly, I never said Dei was a straight up bitch. I said, and I quote "Dei is just a total bitch if she was ever mean to Kasia.

  3. I completely agree with you! I don't think I have told you this before, but I really admire your writing and sometimes your choice of words!

    And of course, in my opinion, you had tons of valid points!

  4. Well see the latest post on = http://perezhiltonofstardoll.blogspot.com/2011/10/my-apologies.html
    Well this is pathetic! First someone offends someboday and then comes an apology post....ridiculous!

  5. This is just the most childish crap ever.

    Who cares??

  6. And still no one brings up the fact that calling someone Autistic in the comments section as an insult could offend someone...

  7. That was Austin/Alexapie200 who called her Autistic as a put down btw.

  8. I'm kind offended by the "autistic mental case" in the title. I have a brother who's autistic.

  9. I think Kasia is a mental case.
    She's just....strange....

    But I would use autism as a way to insult someone. That's pretty low.

  10. calling someone AUTISTIC? Are you actually joking me? why would you call someone autistic as an insult why is it BAD to have autism? People can't help it ok! and Kasia isn't even autistic OR a mental case. People can't help being mental cases, either, you know. you can't help autism or mental illness. I REALLY dont understnad this post oh god. i love you kasia. :( what's happening im so confused!


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