October 27, 2011

Lego Man Washes up on Beach

I was listening to the radio this morning(like five minutes ago) and they were talking about a "giant Lego man" that washed up on Siesta Key Beach. So I quickly Googled the image and burst out laughing. 


As you can see, this thing is huge! over eight feet tall. And according to an article online, similar "Lego Men" have washed up on beaches in Holland(2007) and England(2008). The public is clearly puzzled by this giant Lego man, who's shirt says "no real than you are". Many assume that this is just a publicity stunt. And in the even that it is, it really has everyone's attention.

What do you think this Lego man's purpose is?


  1. Where's the post? And I hope its gonna be exciting!

  2. It's up now(: I accidentally posted before I wrote anything. xD

  3. I live near where he washed up. Legoland, which is a theme park located in California and now Florida, says officially that they have nothing to do with any it!

  4. Its Cris Angel's new stunt.

    You've just been mind freaked.

  5. Bahahaha this is awesome! Attack of the Lego Men!

    I used to play with those with my uncle when I was little (except they were proportionally smaller).

  6. It's actually a piece of art made by some dutch artist. He has 90 days to claim it from the police or it's destroyed :D

  7. @Sakutaro

    Yeah, the Dutch artist's name is Ego Leonard. He sent a note to where the lego man washed up. But he doesn't have to claim it. If it isn't claimed within 90 days, Jeff Hindman, the guy who found it, gets to keep it.

  8. This is the kind of news they should put on every day ^^


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