November 02, 2011

Noelle Is Dead? (Rumor)

After having a lovely, happy filled time over this passing Halloween weekend, after I head back home and decided to check out Stardoll, THIS has to be the first comment I view while viewing my guestbook..

At first, I caught a chill down my spine. The thought 'Noelle.. dead?' blared in my head and sadness rushed over me. Then two seconds after the sadness went through me, anger had risen up, and you know why? Because this offends me! It truely makes my blood boil, and I will explain exactly why it does this to me.

The 'eliteprotect' account was made as a copy of 'EliteQueen', and though I do not know the owner of the eliteprotect account, I knew that they were a random nobody who wanted to talk about 'elites' and cause drama. But that was months ago that I even last seen or heard from that same B.S. account. And that I know that that person considered over half of our MDM family elites and obviously had an obsession with Noelle(noelle_page) and Jenny(bubbly_minty)'s Stardoll lives.

And now after months of them not having any gossip or drama to start or talk about, they post this? Really? And furthermore, was this necessary to post on a dress-up doll website, even IF it is true, just..WHY?

I visited Noelle's account page on Stardoll to see if there was anything from there I needed to see to help me decide how to feel, and I see this comment in Noelle's guestbook.

That was posted an hour before the one in my guestbook was even posted, and as you can see, its less information and looks like they don't even care.

And then I visited eliteprotect's page and saw their new, and very dramatic presentation.

(Click HERE to enlarge)
And then that previous melancholy feeling that I pushed away earlier had started to drift back into my head, but not because I believe her, no, its because I don't want to think of someone I had grew to know as a good friend had possibly died..

And I will not assume that they are just a big fat liar, but I still highly doubt that this story is even the least bit true. Though, yes, there was a really bad flooding in Thailand, but Noelle is from the Philippines, and I will just assume she was/still is around there at this point and time. And that I will not believe it in the least unless it is on an actual news site or newspaper, and just for an f.y.i., before I started making this post, I tried in every way to look up anything about the death of someone by the name of 'Noelle Page' and I had no luck.

But if that person who claims to be eliteprotect does not come forth with a legitimate and trueful proof that what s(he) says is real information, then I must say I would be disgusted.

If you wanted to arouse the interest of people, why would you need to spread a fake story about someone being dead? That is low. How would you feel if in your life, just because you were missing for a while, people thought you to have died? The thought in my mind about that happening to me is just saddening.

But lets just see how eliteprotect will continue to tell the tale of how Noelle's so called death and see if it was either a cruel joke, a horrible attempt at gossip, or if she really is.. gone..

I just hope this is just a sick joke story..

Love, Dei

What side are you on?
What are your thoughts about all of this?


P.S. For those who don't know, Noelle IS from the Philippines, she is also a designer of clothing and accessories, and here is a map of where Thailand and the Philippines are. And that Manila is the capital of the Philippines.


  1. the simple fact that people make these accounts is disgraceful; it is unneccasry to spread lies anonymously or even with an identity.

    Now here is what I think is going on, did anybody hear about the whlle 63emly64 girl who apparently died from cancer. Now I did not know the girl (if she has passed away) but there was a whole campain that we should vote her for covergirl because it was one of her last wishes before she passed away from supposed cancer.

    she is then covergirl and because of the overload on her page and everywhere on stardoll, stardoll delete her account. so if this story is true and there are stardoll broadcasts and whole presentations about it, they may delete Noelles account. which she doesnt deserve because shes been away.

    Now, if her family and any other family that was hit by the disaster is suffering they are in my thoughts and they should know everything gets better <3

  2. lul, jack posted this before you.

  3. Wow. If it's true...Tragic.

    If it's not, that's a messed up chick.

    P.S. @Dei, I love the new hair on your banner:)

  4. @Anon - I don't care, Noelle is part of the MDM family, therefor I will post about her on MDM.

    And quite frankly, I don't give a shit about racing for a story, I am just horrified that someone would say something like that.

  5. Just in case...
    Is someone else other than Noelle and Isabella, admin on this blog?

  6. There has been numerous deaths in Thailand because of the flooding...please let Noelle be alive.

  7. I honestly cannot believe this. I hope that Noelle is alive and well.

    Even though we hardly knew eachother we had our brief conversations and it was clear that she had a big heart.

    What a loss if it is true, I will indeed miss her.

    And if it is a rumour, then fuck the person who made it up.

  8. @Anon - Yes, both me and Aislin are admins.

    But the last thing on my mind is taking care of the blog if the real owner was deceased.


  9. Same anon idiots obvi above ^^
    Anyways. That chicks pretty effed up for creating this rumor.


  11. I like how someone says dogs' shit is blonde now?

    And since this is a more serious post, that comment has been removed.

  12. What I find peculiar about this situation is how this one insignificant person would obtain such information about the death of a Stardoll member. With a natural disaster of this size, they aren't usually able to tally up the dead, much less their names in a short amount of time. And in the event that they did, I doubt this anonymous account would have access to it.

    I don't believe for one second that Noelle has died. And just who the hell does this person think they are trying to pass off the death of a living person for the sake of attention? It's quite honestly sick and heartless. So many people die everyday and having such an amazing person used and claimed dead by an attention-seeking fuckface is so disgusting.

    I hope this person, whoever they are, get exactly what they deserve in life.

    I miss Noelle terribly, and I cannot wait for her to drift back into our graces. <3

  13. What a SICK joke! R.I.P stardoll dignity.

  14. I need to know where eliteprotect got her information from... until then I doubt this story is true.

  15. I find it really sick how people can lie about something so significant just to gain attention, and for themselves, popularity, to be known as an 'elite'.
    I do believe this girl is lying. It could not be one bit true, Thailand are dealing with floods, but I doubt they'd have time to record names of those who have gone missing!

    If it true, [still HIGHLY doubt it]. R.I.P Noelle, you'll be greatly missed.

    - shewasonceit.

    @Saskia Esty The whole 63emly64 was a scam, she wanted Covergirl. I know, it's mean to believe she's lying. But it's really impossible, everyone was saying it was fake, due to the fact all her friends said she'd provided them with no password and a day after she 'died' someone had logged in. Pathetic.

  16. Bwhaha Dei that revamp of the hair on your banner is really bad. The colour looks akin to poo sorry, it looks really obvious that you have tried to change it. Haha so funny.

  17. The thing is, is that people are still going to her Suite and commenting on her GB. She hasn't been on in 3 months yet people continue to leave comments telling her how cute her outfit is knowing that there will be no response.
    Not that she doesn't deserve the nice comments, it's just that it' should be a known fact by now ...3 months later.
    I also thought about how the Philippines and Thailand are so distant and it's not possible that's she's dead. Unless he was visiting Thailand which is a very slim chance.
    She may have just left Stardoll without notice or wanted to take a break. Everybody gets over Stardoll at sometime.

    -Mi Mi

  18. Omigosh! This is really creepy...If Noelle IS alive and just taking a break from stardoll, wouldn't she tell people that she would be gone for a while before she leaves...? And if Noelle is alive, then the girl who made up the story must be pretty effed up to spread a rumor that big...But there WAS a huge flood in Thailand...But then there was the post saying: N.O.E.L.L.E.I.S.A.L.I.V.E.
    I just don't know what to belive!:'(


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