November 30, 2011

Sleigh Bells Jingling

This year has flown by so quickly. It seems as if only yesterday I was celebrating the arrival of 2011, and now it is nearly gone. Luckily we have one big holiday to celebrate before we ring in the New Year. And unless you've been living under a rock all of your life, you know that holiday is Christmas! Or if you're Jewish, you may be celebrating Hanukkah. Either way, the holiday season is exciting no matter what you're celebrating!

And with Christmas and/or Hanukkah celebrations nearing closer, many people have started making plans for holiday, myself included. Mine are a bit unorthodox, however. In 2009(also my first year on Stardoll) I began a tradition of sorts. That being the tradition of travel. All of my life I have dreamt of traveling abroad and experiencing new places and culture. In 2009 I visited Colorado, which isn't out of the country, but it's somewhere I have always wanted to visit. And in the fall of 2010 I took a trip to Russia, followed by Japan during the Christmas holidays. And this year is no exception. And after much debate, I have decided that I want to travel to the ever-beautiful Sweden. I have been saving up for holiday since around March of this year, and today I booked my plane ticket and lodging at the Rica  Hotel in Stockholm. I'll be in Sweden from December 18th to January 4th.

Since my holiday interferes with Christmas, I'll have a mini Christmas celebration with my family before I leave. It's much like regular Christmas celebration, except for the fact that it won't be on Christmas day. I'll present my family with the gifts I bought for them and in return I'll open the gifts they bought for me. We'll also have a small dinner. And on Christmas morning they'll celebrate like normal without me.

What are you doing for Christmas?
If you're going on holiday, where are you traveling to?
What sorts of presents are you hoping to receive?


  1. My Mom is coming over from France, so I am celebrating it with my whole entire family (which is a lot!) But it's tons of fun.
    And I am going to visit London for a bit! :)


  2. In 2010, I went to Florida, Orlando for Christmas my mom and grandmother tricked us because they said we were going to a farm to celebrate christmas. Then when we arrived at this so called farm we saw these disney bags we went to see what was in them and there was 10 plane tickets to Orlando. We were all so excited I loved celebrating christmas in Florida it was so exciting.

    I do hope you have a wonderful time in Sweden.

  3. Your holiday sounds much better than mine ever are.

    I am not so big on celebrating holidays with anyone.. lol.

    I haven't spent Christmas with my family since I was 13/14.

  4. Great! Sweden is amazing-- I actually traveled to the country myself this past summer. Our hotel was ah-mazing, and right near Louis Vuitton! :D
    Have a great time, and also check out the stardoll office, although its just a 5 story brick building :) haha

    Happy holidays!


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