September 10, 2012

This School Year...

I've been meaning to do this post for awhile, but my life's been slightly chaotic, so I apologize for posting this a bit late. The school year has finally rolled around and with every new year, it promises us new beginnings, new opportunities, new friends, new classes, you get my point. This year is my 3rd, or as we call it in the States, my "junior year" of high school. I'm really excited, but it's a big year. I have a lot of university touring to do, grades to maintain, and clubs/sports/activities/events to take part of! It's a hefty schedule to carry, but I'm definitely not the only one trying to balance it.

Credit Jelena Jovanovic

I'm scared, that's for sure- but I'm excited for it because soon I'll be off to college and my life is definitely changing. With every school year begins the questions of uncertainty: will I like my teachers? Will I do well in my classes? How much work will be assigned on an everyday basis? It's certainly a LOT to think about.

What about you? What are you scared of or excited for this school year? Is it your first year in middle school? High school? University? Are you joining a squad or a team, or a new club! Tell all!


  1. ew highschool. I'm a sophmore. -__- Not very excited. lol, but it can't get much worse then last year.

  2. I like your post, but what's with the random hair in the middle? xD

  3. Also confused about the photo...

    Anyways! Good luck in Junior year! You seem to grasp its importance so just keep that in mind! I'm off to university in just a few short days! It's the strangest mix of emotion. I'm excited, nervous, and terrified all at once!

  4. I will start school in a week and I am very excited. I'll be in the 10th grade this year and I can't wait to see what this school year brings.
    I'm not really ready to get tests and homework, but...I'm quite sure that I will keep up with them.

  5. This is sad that there aren't any good posts here anymore. MDM is dead.

  6. I go to school with the attitude of go in and get the hell out. I don't care about friends or any sort of stupid hierarchy that proves useless outside school. This year is my last and with that in mind, I can attend school feeling guuurrrrddd.


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